Golemizer Review: Create Monsters

Golemizer Review: Create Monsters
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Just as the word suggests, Golemizer is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Web Browser Game that lets players animate artificial beings from scratch. The game is fairly simple and requires zero technicalities. You’ll basically learn everything you need to play this game like a pro. No sir, there are no hidden commands or special techniques, this is a game where effort means everything. One of the best parts regarding this game is that you don’t need to install anything other than your browser. The game stands in a persistent world where players can interact with one another on the same platform. Pretty much feels like an MMORPG client game at some point, except for the graphics of course (being that its all 8 bit and stuff). It’s mostly rare for browser games to carry the persistent trait due to its— well— browser type engine.

Starting up

Registration in the game is hassle free as it lets you jump directly into the game right after you type your desired username and password. You’ll be given an array of tutorials to get you started. The tutorial isn’t really a mandatory thing, but you’d probably want to do it anyway as it gives you cash everytime you finish one. Once all is said and done, you’re on your way to creating various monsters to duel with. At first I was a bit confused due to the fact that the game wasn’t confusing me (WTH! You get it right?). I was confused by the fact that I was to make my Golem Stronger without relying on brain power. You could say that the game was simple enough to churn your head into butter.

Things to do

First and foremost, you are to gather enough resources to start making your community. You can also do quests to earn badges that will boost you up the rankings. Although there isn’t much to compete for in this game. One of the most cherished features in this game is the house decoration bit. Although you may think that the game encourages this part of the game, decorating your house doesn’t really give you anything other than a fully decorated house. You must always focus on your golem as it’s your main tool and weapon in this game.


Golemizer Playground


Pikachu! I choose you!

When fighting other golems or pursuing quests, your main tool is your golem. Golems tend to be pretty obedient in this game compared to their counterparts in other games. Technically you are to issue orders for your golem to execute moves and perform various tasks for their master. A player is NOT limited to one golem by the way, and can keep creating Golems through various items found in the game. If you’re wondering how the golem commands work, they’re practically similar to executing emote options in other MMOs. If you’re not familiar with them, these commands are done by typing “/” followed by the desired action. This by far is one of the most innovative way of ordering units, a bit of a hassle but fun nonetheless.

LOL Item shop

Unlike other MMOs, let alone browser games, Golemizer encourages people to make their own items out of resources found in the in game world. Aside from items, Golems can also be manufactured this way, making it fun to experiment. So far, this may BE the only technical (more of experimental) feature in the game. It’s always fun to experiment with less stuff to worry about. You can just enjoy crafting golems without having to worry about other things in the game (cuz you can always do em later).


The in game economy is composed of players who are selling materials or finished products. It’s basically a huge community of merchants who happen to be crafters as well. This makes it a bit crappy since things are pretty much found everywhere and would take a real sloth to actually buy some materials.


Golemizer Town


Welcome to my humble home!

This feature reminds me of Animal Crossing for the DS. The game lets players host their own private space on the field. Since you can build a whole city out of scratch (or buy em off another player), you can invite people over to chat with them or maybe get a few kicks of roleplay in the process. I’m not really sure why a lot of people like this factor (back in the DS), but if it’s awesome, then it would most probably work wonders for this game. Since the game does revolve around the idea of Massively Multiplayer, this particular feature enhances that aspect.

Graphics and sounds

Being a browser game, its engine doesn’t quite have enough juice to supply the game with awesome graphics. The game runs entirely on an 8-bit isometric birds eye view. If you were to ask me, the graphics revolve around games released for the NES. The elements are flat and contain less detail compared to other browsing games. One thing however that separates this from other browsing games is its ability to let you move your character on screen without having to click on options like “Enter bar”. The graphics are quite choppy but the main thought of you in a persistent MMO world makes up for it.


Golemizer Players


The verdict

For a browser game, Golemizer is quite impressive with its persistent field and simplistic gameplay. I’ve played various MMO browser games but never have I seen one that lets you exercise the client based Persistency found mostly in application games. The community is friendly but desperately need population. No use building a house if you’re gonna host a party of 1 right? The attack and command system is awesome. If you think about it, the /command thing actually enhances your role as the master rather than as a player. It’s quite easy to immerse yourself when playing these types of games. My verdict? Clearly awesome. Play it! Nuff said.


– Persistent territory
– Walking animations
– Command options
– Simple enough for everyone to learn.


– Low population
– Too simple for hardcore gamers
– Repetitive at some point.

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