GreedInc Review: All About the Greens

GreedInc Review: All About the Greens
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


GreedInc is an MMO web browser game that revolves around the modern crime scene. Crime based games seem to be at their peak now, seeing that titles like Grand Theft Auto are selling like warm cookies. Going on a crime-spree has never been this fun (browser-wise, that is). The game is also pretty profane; then again, it’s this type of profanity that makes crime-based games realistic. You’ll probably know what I mean once you log into the game. GreedInc serves as the big bad break for players who are sick of playing as the typical hero in various MMO games. Regardless of its profanity and mature theme, nothing beats heading over to the bad side of town. It’s like a pimped up version of Dope Wars if you ask me. The system is just incredible, with a whole lot of variety regarding places to visit, in game activities, and things to do.


Awesome Map!

One thing about GreedInc is that it allows you to visit various cities and countries all over the world. There are various ways of traveling in the game. The simplest way would be to check your GPS or browse through the nearby places using the navigation panel on the top portion of your screen. You can also use the search panel by typing the desired location. There are tons of places to visit and a whole lot of people to sell drugs to, so plan your actions well and enjoy traveling XD. There are also various ways to speed up your travel time, with 3 different types of NOS that take away a portion of your travel time. You can also lose gas in the process, so make sure you visit the gas station for a refill. 


Awesome map


It’s all about the Greens

The game allows players to start up their own business be it legal or illegal. You will be prompted to start a weed farm shortly after your first mission. Don’t get too attached to it though, as more opportunities will come your way as you gain more money. Once you get your businesses running, you will be able to invest your greens on bigger businesses such as: Nightclubs, movie hubs, restaurants, amusement parks, and many more. Big time criminals need a hefty source of money so make sure you have enough cash to back you up.


About Greens
All about the Greens


Goons R’ Us

In accordance to your financial status, you can hire goons or lackeys once you have enough money to spare. These individuals can make things a lot easier for you and can be sent on individual missions, allowing you to focus on more important matters. They can also be hired to protect your territory. We wouldn’t want people snooping around the drug farm and business right?


Arm Yourself Up! It’s Just Bin-ness See?

Robbing a bank is easy, at least if you have a nice sub machine gun to back up your threat. If you’re in need of guns, the black market is the place to go. This is where you can acquire items that will aid you in your criminal life, such as: stamina pills, guns, sims, pain killers, police armor, and other offensive material. Gardening solutions (for your weed and shrooms’) can also be found here. Things too expensive for you? You can always bribe city hall for discounts. I don’t know about you, but I’m learning a lot in this game XD.


Arm Yourself
Arm Yourself



Much like your average MMO, the game provides tons of missions for you to accomplish. Doing so can earn you money and sometimes a few extras along the way. You can also receive missions via your SMS page, which points you to a certain list of tasks accessible on the map, acting as your guide when you’re out of things to do. The missions are well presented, with text messages and rendered pictures that add up to the game’s overall feel. Normally, browser games just give you something to read and something to click. It’s very rare for an MMO browser game to possess this form of detail in terms of “Quest giving”. Here, missions are presented in a semi-graphic novel manner. Instead of simply reading/clicking something, you’re given a nice picture of your quest giver and a speech bubble stating his/her conditions. I believe it’s an excellent feature and can help immerse players more, especially with all the generic interfaces featured in today’s browser games.





The interface is definitely marvelous. The menu is conveniently located in various parts of the screen. A good example would be your SMS page that can be accessed either by clicking on the SMS tab on the top left corner of your hud, clicking the phone image next to your unfortunate wife/girlfriend, or by clicking on the top left part of the cross menu to the right. The elements are also well separated, lessening the possibility of confusion when accessing the features of the game. Eye candy is probably what best describes this interface. Images are scattered throughout the place, and you will never have to look at something as boring as a bunch of jumbled instructions.


Grphics Interface


Sinister Syndicate

If you’re tired of playing solo, you can always mingle with other criminals (players) in the game. Joining syndicates can help you in a lot of ways, and will increase the success rate of your missions and heists. I mean let’s face it! Even the best criminals need friends.


The Verdict

Hands down, this is browser gaming at its finest. It has a very impressive interface, a great non-boring presentation, and most of all, a fun experience. You can either play solo or join friends in pursuing their own reign of terror. Aside from the awesome value it presents, I’d say it’s close to being perfect. It’s not every day you get to be good at being bad, so why not give it a try? I assure you, it’s an awesome game!


-Syndicates (awesome multiplayer function)
-Black market
-Tons of things to do (variety)


-Confusing (but just a little bit)
-People who want to play it for free won’t enjoy the Black market.

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