My Review of Gunbound

Gameplay: 9/10 I liked it, The controls arnt to hard to get used to put at least 2 days into it you will get the hang of it. The fact that there was different mobiles is fun as well so you could have different shots So they did an all and all job.

Sound: 7/10 The sound is good for the game.. But its not spectacular, it will however entertain you in the game for a while.

Graphics: 9/10 I loved them i have a soft spot for 2d platformers. I just realy seem to enjoy them. But they are not for everyone.

Community: 5/10 I dislike the whole attitude of the game most people in the game are just trying to rip you off. Never trade with any one unless you personaly know them.

Server stability: 8.5/10 Is good it only ever goes down on server checks. So good server stability.

Overall: 8/10 Its good sum people will realy enjoy it other will not but i did. Altho now i am bored of it but thats 2 years later.

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