Hero Online Interview: The Old and the New

Hero Online Interview
Written by Jeffrey Kerkdijk, Onrpg Journalist
Answered by
Flarry Henry , Hero Head GM

Onrpg: What is new in the world of Hero Online? What has been added since the launch of the game?
Hero: Our most recent addition to the game has been a new map called Celestial Mountain which consists of a lower and upper level. New story driven quest can also be found here with a number of new items.  We have added tons of content since the initial release that include maps such as Stream Flow, Soft Shoulder, Tiger Castle, Dime Desert, and a couple others. All of which introduced new items and quest to our community.

Explore Cities and Maps

Onrpg: What feature does you like the most? Please motivate your answer.
Hero: I would have to say my favorite feature would be the faction wars. The tides of the wars are always changing and they are very exciting to both participate in and watch. I’ve seen a couple of these wars really come down to the wire and its very thrilling to watch the strategies that each faction put into play.

Onrpg: How do players get involved into the story of Hero online?
Hero: We have a line of quest called Cryptic Tales that are directly tied to the story of Hero Online. Players will discover the current mysteries surrounding Dragon Castle and how it progresses as they venture further into the game.

Wild Beasts

Onrpg: How do you stand against exploits and bots, and what are you doing to prevent them from getting into the game?
Hero: We are always looking for ways to prevent bots from entering our game by updating our security system and making it more difficult if not impossible for future bot updates to be used. We have never really had a serious problem with exploits so we hope to keep that going and keep our players happy

Onrpg: What is done to get players into understanding the game? Is Hero Online friendly for newcomers?
Hero: The first few quest of Hero Online introduces players into a couple of features and get them into the swing of things. There are also lots of tips that periodically appear in the players chat window that has lot of helpful information for new players.

Onrpg: What sets Hero Online apart from the rest of the MMORPGs at the market?
Hero: Hero is unique from other MMORPGs do to the skills in the game. A player will feel as if they could take on the world when fighting though a horde of monsters and they will enjoy looking at the animations that have been created for these skills as well.

Onrpg: What future content is there planned for Hero Online? Is there anything you can reveal for us?
Hero: There are future plans to implement a new war which involves castle siege type warfare. One side will of course defend and the other will be attacking. There is no set date for this content yet but are players can be on the lookout for it in future announcements.

Hero Online Martial Armor

Onrpg: How is the character customization in Hero Online, and what kind of additional customization and features can be found in the Cash shop?
Hero: Hero’s main customization can be found with our Hero Tavern Robes. Players can use these items to mix and match if they please or go with a full set for bonuses. There are also a few face designs along with mask and fun costume helmets.

Onrpg: How does the PvP work in Hero Online and what makes it stand out from other games?
Hero: There are a few ways players can go about PvP in Hero Online. They can join the various wars to compete for victory alongside their faction or they can go around to one of the open PvP maps such as Mudo Island or Dime Desert. There is also a Bounty system that allows players to place gold up for grabs for anyone who is willing and capable of taking down the targeted player.

Hero Online

Onrpg: How does the community get involved in the game? How do you communicate with the players and do you have any special events in store for them?
Hero: The community controls a lot of aspects in and out of the game in a couple of ways. The first being the players actions in game and what I mean by that is we try and look at what players enjoy the most in game and focus our new efforts in that direction. The second is listening to their ideas and opinions on the forums. We try and keep a good eye on our forums too see what the community is currently focused or not so focused on and work with that information.

Onrpg: Thank you for your time!
Hero: Thank you and we hope to see you all in Hero.

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