Ikariam Interview

Questions by Brian Perry Jr.
Answered by Ikariam

Onrpg: What is Ikariam?
It is a browser-based persistent world where you play on a small island somewhere in the Mediterranean, to rise an ancient civilization.

Onrpg: Why go with a browser-based approach in this day and age with broadband internet, quad core CPUs and dual video card systems?
The game gives you the freedom to choose where and when you want to play also how much time you want to invest. To be more flexible with the device (computer, handheld, console) you have to use technology that will fit on most of the devices. The intention is not to have you to install a huge client, buy a new graphic card, etc. – the goal is to make the access as easy as possible.

Onrpg: How would you describe the gameplay of Ikariam?
It is like CIV, Settler or Anno – build and conquer – but in a persistent world. Manage resources and make your citizens happy. Form alliances and fight your enemies. You have to get in touch with friends and enemies – the social factor is very big in this game. The gameplay will reflect your personality as far as being military minded, social and diplomatic, or having a peaceful easy-going utopia.

Onrpg: What is the goal that players are striving for?

The goal is to have a rich and happy island – fight your enemies and form big alliances –
Protect your friends and neighbors.

Onrpg: How can you interact with other players?
There are many ways:
-send messages
-form alliances

Onrpg: How does GameForge make money on a game like this that is completely free to sign up for with no monthly fees?
First of all – it is free and will stay free to play. Later in the game there is the possibility to hire specialist for different tasks – they will make the gameplay faster and cost real money. This is to save time for the players. You don’t need them – but if you want to save some time to build something… you hire this specialist and it will go faster.

Onrpg: What are the plans for adding new content (such as new technologies, new units, etc)?
We are adding constantly new content and advance the tech-tree. This happens normally every 6 month. 

Onrpg: What is your favorite type of resource and why?
Wine – it makes the people happy and they will fight better and work better 😉

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