Interview – Iris Online is Here to Reveal Your Fortune

Interview – Iris Online is Here to Reveal Your Fortune
Question by cinderboy, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by:  Kenny Yan (Producer)


Iris Online is North American publishers, gPotato’s latest MMORPG to be added in its stable. Developed by Korean studio, Eyasoft, the game’s main selling point will be its unique tarot card system and diverse class advancement system. Iris Online will also be the 2nd time the 2 companies collaborate on a project, the first being Luna Online. Can Iris Online really reveal players’ futures?


Let’s find out.

ONRPG: Hello, can you please introduce yourself to our readers and you role in the Iris Online team?

It’s always a pleasure to meet the community.  My name is Kenny Yan, and I come from a gaming industry background with nearly 10yrs of gaming experience in Console, Mobile, Casual (Facebook) and most importantly, Online MMOs.  I’m currently the Producer of Iris Online North America and I look forward to creating a great game with a positive and active community.


Iris Team Picture

ONRPG: Why the decision to bring Iris Online to the North American market amongst may other games?

Each region has its own demographic of gamers.  We felt that Iris Online had such a large spectrum of features that the game will easily cater to the North American audience, and beyond.  It has hardcore MMO mechanics such as PVP and Instance Dungeons as well as casual PVE mechanics for those who prefer casual gaming.  Furthermore, the art style and gameplay provides a great mixture for those who love action and beautiful graphics as well as those who enjoy cute anime inspired characters.


ONRPG: The game’s title did not change from the Korean version’s. Can you tell us why the decision to stick to the original and what does “Iris” actually refer to in the game’s lore?

We decided to keep the name “Iris” because we felt it was a perfect blend of ancient Greek mythology with a twist of 21st century gaming.  The name “Iris” in Greek mythology represents a goddess of rainbow, whom was also a messenger of the Gods.  Within the game, we have a unique Tarot Card feature, which randomly generates random buffs with gorgeous auras.  In order to activate this feature, players must collect all 28 Tarot Cards, and then have their fortune read.  In a way, players are getting a message from the gods…delivered by Iris herself 🙂


ONRPG: Both Luna Online and Iris Online have the same anime-styled graphics and comes from the same developer.. Do you think it is a big risk?

Absolutely not.  Both Iris Online and Luna Online are great games developed by the same brilliant developers.  However, each game has its own unique features as well as gaming mechanics.  Instead of viewing this as a potential of cannibalizing our own users/sales, we see it as an opportunity to further expand our branding in the anime themed MMORPG genre.  Players will always have likes and dislikes in any game, and with both Iris and Luna catering to the same demographic, but with unique features in both games, we like to see it as providing more options for the gPotato fans rather than forcing them to choose either or.


ONRPG: Is there a fear that the cutesy design style of Iris Online will put off the more mature online gaming community?

I think it’s a matter of balance.  This question is also applicable to other more mature games that will put off audiences who prefer more cutesy graphics; it goes both ways.  It’s hard to satisfy everyone through graphics alone, but if we focus the entire visual design along with gaming mechanics, we have a much better chance of acquiring users of different demographics.  Iris was able to integrate hardcore MMO features into a cutesy 3D anime design, I personally think it’s a great combination……kind of like peanut butter and jelly 🙂


Scary Cat Iris


ONRPG: Are there any more new races or classes planned for development?

Absolutely!  We have plenty of new contents currently in development.  This includes, quests, maps, dungeons, bosses, and of course higher-level cap and new classes.  Our first major update will take place in January-February.


ONRPG: The Divination System, perhaps one of the most enigmatic features i have come across so far. Can you briefly describe to us hoe the system works and how important a role it plays in Iris Online?

The Tarot Card system is definitely the most unique feature of the game! It is tied deeply to the lore and core mechanics of Iris.


From enhancing weapons, to fortune telling, to monster transformation, it is an extremely robust system that plays a pivotal role in questing and raiding! Monster transformation cards allow players to turn into more than 100 different monsters and while transformed, users gain special abilities, can sneak by high-level enemies undetected, and even give teammates monster buffs.


However one of the most-anticipated features of the game is the fortune telling system. It allows players to reveal the secrets of the mystic arts and give characters special buffs with auras that can take many forms, from ephemeral wings to bright halos.


ONRPG: Where can players gather these Tarot Cards from?

The Tarot Cards can be purchased from NPCs, acquired through random drops during monster hunting, or trading with other players.  We try to keep a balance and not make it too easy.


Iris Gingerbread House


ONRPG: Next, Let’s look into Player Vs Player (PvP). For a dueling match between 2 players, are there any level or location restrictions?

Nope!  Dueling is purely for the enjoyment of players.  A level 1 player can challenge a level 55 player if they choose to.  During a duel, players will not receive any EXP penalties if they die.  Players have been using this to check out other races skills and the visual effects that come along with it.  It’s a great way to have some good old PVP fun while being able to check out other races/classes builds.

With this feature, it also provides players to duel with GMs….how epic is that!?


ONRPG: The main PvP feature will be the battlefield, where it will be an all-out war between players. How do players enter the battlefield and what rewards are there?

Players get prompted with an invitation to join the battlefield every 10 minutes.  The invitation is split between levels i.e. 1-10 will be in their own battle while 11-20 will also have their own.  In order to qualify for the battlefield invitation, players must complete an early quest and choose their force.  The force you choose will be permanent, and is used to divide the teams in battlefield.


As for the rewards; BRAGGING RIGHTS!  On top of that, we have exclusive mounts that can only be purchased through battlefield points.  So if you see a player with an exclusive mount….you know he’s a war veteran.


Iris Bug Creature


ONRPG: What new content can players expect to see in the near future?

Players can expect new dungeon-such as the Wood Garden, playable in Normal and Hard Mode, a lot of new field bosses, new zones, major updates to game mechanics and more!


We are also pleased to announce that we will be removing the Force System, which players have voiced concerned about, seeing that it leads to imbalanced teams during battlefield matches.  We’re listening to our players and we’re going to take action and remove this feature.


We will also be introducing a new Guild System, giving guilds the power to level and unionize. We are constantly updating and improving the game, so there is much to look forward to in the future!


ONRPG: Thank you for your time!




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