Interview with Dragon Nest Game Developers

Interview with Dragon Nest Game Developers



Thanks for taking the time for an interview. You are the PD of Dragon Nest, what is a typical day for a PD of this kind of title?


In the morning, we normally have a regular meeting and check the daily player trends. After lunchtime, we monitor the project regarding the initial plan and make sure that we are on the right track. It’s an essential process to avoid any delay and keep up the quality of the project. We also discuss about the game skills and balancing issues with all staff. 


Dragon Nest is coming to Europe now. Do you think this challenge can be compared to the previous markets in which the game was launched?


This is the first time we’ve launched Dragon Nest in multiple languages since we developed the game. For us, Europe is a pretty interesting market, which has different player profiles and various needs besides language. We are looking to find a good European standard guideline. We believe this is the most important part in order to meet players’ rapidly growing expectations when managing an online game.


How many people are working in the Dragon Nest development team?


More than 150 people are supporting this project, from which 120 are game developers. We are working with more than 10 publishers over the world and keep developing new projects while maintaining the game quality at the same time. 



Which feature in Dragon Nest do you like the most?


We can confidently say that the Dragon Raid is one of a kind (one of the best features) in Dragon Nest. Technically speaking, you can expect one huge-scale project per year. It is a special feature because normally players are allowed to fight against only one Dragon at each range of their level. In the Dragon Raid, players can get together (maximum 8 people as one party) and hunt a special dragon. Comparing other MMORPGs such as EverQuest or Ultima Online, players can experience an action-based dungeon which is quite exclusive and that’s a remarkable feature we love.



In your opinion what will be the most challenging part of Dragon Nest for European players?


The strongest points of Dragon Nest can be described in two main parts: the action and the story. Concerning the story, it was not easy to adapt the original text and mood we wanted to convey. So we believe the translated story will please all players no matter where they’re from. Also we hope that European players enjoy the stunning graphics and the manga style characters, as we know that European players are more familiar with realistic graphics and characters so far.



There is a large number of MMOGs out in Europe. Could you explain to us what makes Dragon Nest so special compared to other titles?


Definitely the action! Considering its console-like and realistic action, Dragon Nest is the world’s No.1 action RPG. Based on its eternity 3D action engine, players will certainly enjoy the outstanding PvP features which can’t be compared to any other competition action games. This intensive PvP even attracts some players who are not that interested in Dragon Nest.



Do you have any future plans for developing European exclusive content?


We will stay connected to the European players for the content part, trying to meet their expectations as much as possible. For the beginners, we would like to suggest that they take their time and enjoy the extreme action at first. They will soon find themselves already immersed in Dragon Nest and its powerful action. We look forward to hearing any feedback or suggestion from players. 


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