Jumpgate, Episode 2 Attack of the Conflux

Ok, so the title is sort of influenced by a well known series of films 😉 but it must be the greatest galaxy based mmorpg out there. Look past the tired graphics (it is 3 years old now!), and you will find a fantastic real time space sim, that relies totally on skill, and not who has the best skills or biggest ship. No point and click here, all done by you!

Jumpgate features 5 factions, of which 3 are playable, and have their own styles. Play the Solrain, a trader type faction, where the credits rule. Be a mining religious zealot, in the Quantar faction, or a warmongering combat orientated player from Octavia. Each has its own types of ships suited to their own unique personality.

Jumpgate has a lot to do too, mining, hauling for profit, killing the npc enemies, known as the conflux, and of course PvP. PvP in Jumpgate is definately better than in any other game. Skill is definately the requiement here, he with the biggest ship does not always win, a steady hand and a good aim is needed here.

The only minus for Jumpgate is it can be tough in the early stages, getting through the levelling treadmill can be laborious, and somewhat repetitive, but isnt that the case in most games? Besides, it is definately worth it, once you get the good stuff 🙂

Overall, while it doesnt look as good as the latest releases, Jumpgate is an absolute must for the skill based rpg fans, who want more than Eve’s point and click type gameplay. Give it a go, free download, free 10 day trial, what have you got to lose?

I don’t work for them before you ask, but am a stalwart fan, who would LOVE to see more players, so drop by and give it a go.

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