Lock’s Quest Launches on Mobile Devices

Lock's Quest

Lock’s Quest the cult-classic RTS game that blended Tower Defense, RTS, and RPG elements into one space is now available on mobile devices! Players control Lock, a young hero who is the last line of defense against Lord Agony and the Clockwork Army.

The gameplay is divided into three key elements. In the story part, you travel the Kingdom with Lock, talk to NPCs, take quests, get new equipment and experience the story. When enemy forces appear, it’s time to prepare your defensive structures in the build mode – place towers, walls, traps and customizes them. Add an acid attack to a tower for example, or harden your walls by using stone instead of wood. The third part of gameplay starts, when the battle commences: Roam the battlefield with Lock, smash enemies, repair towers and walls and use your super attacks wisely. It’s available for 7.99 USD, without any ads, microtransactions, or loot boxes. All you have to do worry about is defeating Lord Agony.

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