Lunia Online Interview: Myth 4 Expansion

Lunia Online Interview: Myth 4 Expansion
Questions by Rickee Charbonneau (Jammart), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Game Operations, ijji


We here  at OnRPG were very glad to have the opportunity to interview Ijji about Lunia Online!  As an MMORPG that updates often with great content, our interview is mainly concerned with the Myth 4 expansion, and the addition of new maps, bosses, a market system, and  preparations for a new  character, Dark Eir.


OnRPG: In lieu of your latest major update, what has the Myth 4 expansions added to the content of the game?
Myth 4 update includes the following:
– Additional Characteristics and sizes of bosses and monsters, and challenging close-attack characters – further aiding fast-paced game play
– Surprises lurking in dark corners as hidden bosses emerge to seek the complete annihilation of player’s bright-eyed, yet feisty characters
– Hidden black holes that engulf unsuspecting player, stripping them of their mana – a blow difficult to overcome
– An improved and simplified market system where players can avoid the hassle and stress often associated with stocking up on supplies and novelty items in Town Square
– The addition of new, upgraded weaponry for characters to bash and slash adversaries like never before. See the reference.


Dark Eir
Dark Eir character


OnRPG: Does this update encourage more cooperative play (and less experience grinding) as opposed to the previous Myth installations of the game?
The early stages are trouble-free.  With the combination attacks players practiced in early stages, often players with enough skills it can solo hard stages, but in Lunia, in principle, you play together! Players perform together and take the opportunities of themselves and plan their strategy in order to finish the stages. Everyone in the party has a major role, and together – you should figure out the best team work and tactics for each stage…


OnRPG: Ralph is the newest character addition to your roaster. How is he played? Is he popular?
Ralph has fast and strong combat styles with skills that include powerful timed punches and swift and menacing kicks. He’s very popular among close-combat style-favored players.


OnRPG: How about the school-girl samurai Asuka? Has she lived up to her hype in your opinion?
Our one of the most adored, yet devious character, Asuka, has been endlessly popular among players of Lunia since the introduction of the new character due to her fierce and stunning skill performance despite the fact of her cute school girl look.  We predict she will be continuously “slashing and slicing her way into the hearts of Lunia players and members alike.” See the source.


OnRPG: Lunia is a very interesting name for an MMO title. Why or how was this title chosen? Why did you decide to leave it unmodified in your version?
Lunia: the Record of Lunia Wars. Lunia takes place in continent of Rodesia, home to humans, elves, orcs, goblins, and a wide variety of other races. After centuries of conflict, bloodshed, and war, a tense truce was agreed upon.  The game Lunia contains this epical plots throughout each stages. Read the full description.


Inventory Lunia


OnRPG: Who is your favourite character in the game? Why is this character to your liking?
Each character stands out in his/her own way in their visualization and skills, what each character can bring out is very much varied that we cannot choose just one! ^.^


OnRPG: Could you please offer us a little information on the various stages the game has provides?
The stages are ordered as chapters, while every 10 chapters are considered as a one episode. The 10th one a summary and it’s most challenging. Then the stage continues with attacking mobs, dodging, helping each other, organizing team work, finding secrets, and the boss. In addition to these chapters of regular stages, there are ‘Side-Stages’… These Side Stages need to be unlocked and it’s done by clearing certain regular stages or quests. Side stages are not a real part of the plot in regular stages, and their reward boxes contain items that are not obtainable in regular stages.


Additionally Raids are offered throughout different episodes. Raids require combinational skills and a lot more of team work.  Usually Raids can contain up to 8 players. The Items that can be acquired in Raid Stages are Rare and hard to find. 


Combat Lunia
Dungeons in Lunia


OnRPG: What are some of the special events going on currently?
In the month of February, we had Valentine’s Screenshot Event, Daily Quest Event. For March:  St. Patrick’s day Fashionista Event, Bonus 50% Experience Event, Free Kingdom of Ancient Guardian Shoe event. We plan to have Events, making Lunia lively and fun every week!


OnRPG: What makes Lunia Online’s PvP so interesting? Are all characters equally capable of fighting versus other players? Is there a class that dominates PvP?
Lunia, in contrast to many MMORPGs currently on the market, is played like an action arcade game.  Players are free to move around in-game using the ARROW KEYS (keyboard) rather than a mouse cursor.  Instead of pointing-n-clicking an enemy to attack, varying attacks are launched by pressing combinations of two attack buttons and the space bar. There is not a particular class that dominates PvP.  It all depends on player’s skills of creatively combining attacks.


We offer Player vs Player arenas that allow 1 on 1 to 8 on 8 combat. Some PvP arenas have been offered seasonally such as Snowman Fight which allowed players to fight each other with snowballs of various sizes and special effects.


OnRPG: What is the learning curve for Lunia?
The early stages are where players practice and create free-style combination attacks. 
Lvl 1 – 50: *
Lvl 1 – 60:  **
Lvl 61 -70:  ***
Lvl 71 – 80:  ****
Lvl 81 – 90:  *****
Lvl 91 – 99:  ******
Easy to lvl up *  to ****** hard to lvl up.

Furthermore, Lunia offers Rebirth for players who want to learn special Rebirth skills and obtain physical wings for more stats and extra skills. (What I am trying to say here is that it’s easy to lvl up in the beginning in Lunia but it really depends all later on player’s combo-skills and attacking strategies. 


OnRPG: With raid stages allowing a maximum of 8 characters playing at once, as opposed to the default 4 per stage, do you think the future will allow for even larger parties of greater than 8 players?
Yes, currently we have stages allowing parties of 12 to play at once.  It is available  for lvl 58 and up and is very popular among the same guild members.


OnRPG: It is known that some character classes have less clothing variety options in the game than the majority. That being said, how customizable are the characters in the game?
It is true that some characters come with more options for clothing.  However, there are still so many various stylish costumes with Stats/no stats for all the characters in Lunia such as Kimono costumes, School Unicorn Sets, Angel Sets, Devildom Sets, we aren’t getting any complaints.  ^^


Market Lunia
Inventory and Items


OnRPG: What are your plans for future updates of the game? Any characters planned for release this year?
We actually have a new addition to Lunia Characters!  Dark Eir, the Princess of Darkness, was be released on the 25th of March.  We are very excited about her release and many of our users have been talking about her for months! In addition to Dark Eir, we have Arta, a cute and smart, female engineer character will soon be released as well as various NEW stage-maps.

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