Mafia 1930 Review: Old-school Mafia at it’s best

Mafia 1930 Review: Old-school Mafia at it’s best
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


Mafia 1930 puts you in the seat of an upstart mafioso trying to establish your reign in an otherwise corrupt world. You are given everything that you need in your disposal and it is on how you run the various black market institutions that would make or break you in this world.



Mafia 1930 is not a purely text-based browser game. There are certain images included in the game interface such as a face of a beady looking guy- for your drivers, a pompous looking pimp or even a beautiful gal for your prostitutes.


The images in the game does help in making you feel that what you are playing is in fact in the era of the 1930s where the fashion then are three piece suits and the like.


Another thing about the game’s interface is that it uses a color coding system where it the game does make you feel like you are sent back in the mafia days of old. Though this can prove to be problematic with other computers that have a different resolution, because it can hurt the eyes. This is exactly one of the little things that make the game a truly authentic experience.     


I’m the Godfather

In establishing any kind of empire the first most important factor for any would be mafioso would be to have a stable source of income. As your means of income you have the usual black market businesses such as prostitution, gambling and protection money. This are the “established” illegal activities you can undertake as your way of getting those resources to make your mafia empire.


Aside from the established illegal activities you can also gain resources by, of course, being aggressive and attacking weaker families.


Similar to the real mafia, you are given full reign in everything that is going inside your area of influence. The game makes your really feel that you are the person in charge of your territory by giving you the authority to do hits, establish businesses and hire people that would be running the show in place for you. You are the Godfather so to speak.


Crime does pay

Of course in building your mafia empire, the most important aspect of it would be money. Of course as the leader of your district you are given a lot of options on how you can earn that ever important dollar.


Your income earning choices include Smuggling, Prostitution, Gambling, Protection and the setting up of “legal” establishments such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs.


The various illegal choices you have in the game authenticates your mafioso experience. Nothing beats the feeling of you becoming the devil’s advocate by providing the sinful desires in form of drugs, sex and booze to the general public without actually doing it in real life.


Establishing your Mafia Empire

Of course money alone does not prove that you are stronger than your competition. You would need to acquire equipment and personnel to make your empire run.


You can purchase ships, boats, vehicles and even trains as part of your Mafia’s vast empire. Each vehicles you acquire provides a bonus in the various illegal racketeering you would be doing as you play the game.


This adds to the whole, “I’m the head honcho of this district, look at my ferrari” feel of the game. Of course who wouldn’t want to have their own set of transportation to make their business better right?


Mafia War

Attacking comes in two varieties, either you go looting or you takeover a district. The preparations behind each kind of attack and the resources you need to use per attack makes it a critical decision for you. This puts more emphasis that running a a mafia family is not brawns but brains as well.


The family that kills together

Of course when it comes to Mafia games Mafia families would be one of the things people would look for. Mafia 1930 does deliver because the game gives you the option of creating your own family.



Mafia 1930 is a game that has wonderfully integrated the world of old school mafia into a web based game that has in its own right makes you feel that you are in fact running a mafia empire. The game gives you everything you need to establish your empire it now boils down on how you manage whatever resources you have to determine how strong your empire would be.


You can say that the game has in its own right, successfully makes you feel that you are a bad ass leader of a mafia family. This is a success in itself because there are games that promise you that you would be experiencing how its like to establish your family but only puts you in the seat of a low grunt .


The downside of this game though is that the game is more like an accounting game because you would have to consider the expenses of your businesses and actions in relation to the income you may possibly earn from doing so. Though this cements the idea that you are running your mafia empire, however this may prove to be troublesome for those who are not used to such gameplay.


All in all, Mafia 1930 does provide you an authentic old school mafia experience. Of course the game is more of a strategy centric game rather than an action based browser game. Players who are used more individualistic gameplay should shy away from Mafia 1930, but if you are open minded enough then its highly possible you may enjoy the game..


– The game makes you feel that you are running an underground empire.
– You are given free reign on how you run your black market empire.
– There is ample time for players to get acquainted with the game.


– The game can be overwhelming for new players especially with the amount of options given to you from the start.
– This game is a numbers game so don’t expect anything really spectacular.
– The newbie protection is longer than you would normally expect, making you not experience the full potential of the game after nearly a month.

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