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The game starts you as a beginner on Maple Island. You take the role of a traveller who has to choose between four simple jobs as you advance through the game. Depending on your personality, or just how you want to play will take effect on the job you choose. You can be a thief, mage, warrior, or bowman. You start off fighting simple snails and build your way up to fighting dragons and other mythical creatures.

The graphics are nothing really to brag about. It’s simple side scrolling mixed with very small 3D effects. The spells and skills you use however do have very nice designs. The anime flavor will catch alot of people’s attention and keep them entertained throughout the game.

Like I said before, it’s simple side scrolling. More or less a hack and slash game all the way through with a mix of small puzzles and long quests thrown in. It’s very addictive and will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Some of the maps have very nice background music that won’t always lull the gamer to sleep. Some places may seem repetative, but overall it’s good. But honestly, I generally have winamp on in the background while I play.

It’s very entertaining, and what class you choose will greatly change how much fun you have while playing. Most people find the assassin to be the most fun job. Jumping around throwing ninja stars was probrably a fantasy of many of our childhoods.

The community is pretty decent, you have a buddy list that comes with a standard 20 slots. There are whispers, parties and buddy chatting. It all comes together to help friends play together. However the downfall is having to pay 250,000 Mesos (that’s the currency in game) to expand your buddy list five slots.

Even though this game is very incomplete it has fans addicted and wanting more. It’s very fun to play with friends in large parties against powerful creatures. Or simply compete and see who can become the most powerful. If you’re an otaku this should be a nice game for you.

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