Maplestory: The Big Bang Update Feature Report

Maplestory: The Big Bang Update Feature Report
By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist.

The Big Bang update for Maplestory has brought a lot of new content. Almost everything in the game from maps to skills has been changed. This article will talk about some of the many changes to Maplestory.


The Big Bang update will come in three parts. The first part changes almost everything in the world. It has changed many, if not all, skills, maps and monsters. The second part is the release of the resistance classes (Battlemage and Wild Hunter). The final part will bring a new class to Maplestory, the Mechanic. The first two parts have been released on Global Maplestory.


If you have not played or heard of Maplestory before, check out our review here.


The Story

The story revolves around the Black Mage. He was a citizen of a peaceful town and had a family that loved him. The Black Mage saw the chaos in the Maple World and thought people could not be trusted to make their own decisions. He rose to power using ideals such as peace and freedom. People soon realized he did not actually offer peace and freedom.


The people of the Maple World fought against the Black Mage. He still thought he was helping the greater good and in time he was filled with madness. He wanted the world to be destroyed. Finally after many sacrifices, the Black Mage was defeated by heroes such as the Polearm-Wielder and the Dragon King.


Now the Black Mage is coming back!


In part two of the Big Bang update, the quiet mining town of Edelstein has become the home for the Black Wings, a secret cult dedicated to the resurrection of the Black Mage. The resistance is dedicated to free their town. In the day they are ordinary citizens of Edelstein, but at night they work to overthrow the Black Wings!


The Interface

The first thing you will notice once you login into Maplestory is that the UI has been completely revamped.  The new user interface covers the screen as much as the old UI. Fortunately now you can play at 1024×768. This offers the UI to take up a lot less space and allows you to see much more of the map.


Overall, the new UI looks a lot better than the old one. It has more of a clean look to it and the colour choices are much better in my opinion.


UI Before


Maple Story BB After


The after screenshot was taken in the 1024×768 resolution. Those are not the only changes to the UI, everything from the inventory to dialog boxes has changed.



The Combat

Probably the biggest change I was looking forward to was the change in the EXP curve.  Before the Big Bang update, leveling was not very enjoyable. It would take hours before you levelled up at the higher levels. The Big Bang update has lowered the required EXP to level and you receive more EXP per kill.

EXP Required from level 71-120

EXP required from levels 71 to 120.

Although monsters do give you more EXP per kill, they have gained a lot more HP. This means they do take longer to kill. To make up for this, the damage output for all skills has been increased. For example, Strafe now does 150% damage per arrow. This adds up to 600% total damage! Before the update, Strafe only hit 100% damage per arrow. In addition to the damage changes, many skills have improved animations!


Maple Storry Full UI Colmbat

Strafe looks so awesome!

HP is not the only thing that has changed about monsters. Almost all monsters have gotten their level and location changed. Areas that once used to be for levels 50-60 players are now for level 80-90 players.


An example of this change is the Straw Target Dummy. The day before the patch I was training on these monsters at level 50. At that time they only had 3000HP and gave 135 EXP. After the maintenance was complete, I logged in to test the game. It turned out I was missing the STDs because they got buffed and received 29,000 HP and gave out 786 EXP! With them being level 81 and the addition of the new accuracy system, there was no way I could hit them!


As hinted in the above paragraph, the accuracy system has been changed. This new system forces you to train on monsters around your level and does not allow rich Maplers to kill whatever they please. This system adds in an extra 5% chance to miss per level that the monster is above you. This means that a level 20 attacking a level 21 monster will have a 5% chance to miss, a level 20 attacking a level 22 monster will have a 10% chance to miss and so on. To make sure you will never miss a monster your level must be greater than or equal to the monster’s level that you are trying to kill. Of course stats still affect your accuracy. Accuracy for physical attacks comes from the dexterity and luck stats while accuracy for magical attacks comes from the intelligence and luck stats.


The actual combat has not changed. You still spam skills and potions to take done monsters. Some quests have been made easier to complete but do not award as much EXP as training. Many are still not worth doing.


Two New Classes

Part two of the Big Bang update comes with two new classes, the Battle Mage and the Wild Hunter. These classes are part of the resistance.

Maple Story Resistance Logo

We’ll start off by talking about the Wild Hunter. The Wild Hunter is a crossbowman that rides a jaguar at all times. You can even fight without getting off the mount! He can use the same equipment as archers. Unlike other bowman, the Wild Hunter can attack while moving! He has skills very similar to the crossbowman and the bowman. The Wild Hunter has great mobility and damage and therefore many of my friends and guild mates find him to be overpowered at the moment. For a full list of skills check out the page here.


The Battle Mage is an interesting character. Although they are mages, they fight at a close range. They use staves to attack enemies. They can buff teammates through auras that stay on until the user logs off or when another aura is activated. They have spells such as Dark Chain which pulls enemies towards you and Quad Blow which attacks an enemy four times! For a full list of skills check out the page here.

The mechanic will release in part III of the Big Bang update.


The Maps

After the update it took a little getting used to where the NPCs were placed. The layout of almost all maps including cities has changed. To provide easy access to other islands the ships are now placed in the middle of Victoria Island. Therefore, the centre now acts as a six path crossway leading to all cities.


The world map has been changed a lot and now provides a lot more information. My favourite addition was viewing the monsters on each map. This allows players to find where they will be able to train at higher levels. This also helps out a lot as almost ever y monster was moved.

World Map



Overall, this update has done nothing but good to Maplestory. Leveling is so much easier and does not seem like a chore. Although I still hear people complaining about EXP! All classes are much balanced but the new classes could use some changes.  There are so many more changes but only the major and my favourite ones were covered.

Christmas Event

My friends and I having fun with the Christmas event

Kruimel0 has done a great job compiling a massive thread which includes all current and upcoming changes about Big Bang. The thread can be seen at: Looking forward to part III of the Big Bang update!

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    I think it’s because grinding has gotten so easy that people don’t like MapleStory anymore; it doesn’t give the same satisfaction to get to higher levels as it did before. It’s too easy. Another commonly disliked factor is that the game’s become much more individualized. Party quests aren’t as common. Guilds are only there to look good; people rarely ask for help and befriend this guildmates. Maybe it’s just me, but I liked MapleStory pre-bigbang much more.