MEAD: Rift Storm Legion Top 10

MEAD Rift Storm Legion Top 10

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist


Today is Storm Legion Day. It should be an International holiday. Ok, maybe not, but I know a lot of Rift fans are taking today off, and possibly some lucky enough to take the next few days off to enjoy the exciting new expansion. I’m so excited about it I’ve made a special edition of MEAD just for the occasion that combines my two favorite things, Rift and Top 10s. These are my Top 10 favorite things coming to Rift today.

10. Mounts

Yes, I know Rift has always had mounts. But it’s the particular mounts I’m interested in. My favorite is Cyclone, the floating mount. Now, yes I’ve heard a lot of complaints about it. People who wish it could fly, people who want to ride it over water…but really it is a beautiful mount from the plane of air. Every Bahmi, or Bahmi lover should have one of these! Another mount you could get from order Storm Legion was Landslide. This massive, horned creature looks like it is built to climb mountains and tear apart enemies. Perfect for the most hardcore Dwarves, if they don’t mind getting a ladder to climb on.

9. Capes

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I haven’t ordered Storm Legion yet. By now I should hopefully be the owner of Storm Legion. But I wanted it from Walmart. Why? I want the awesome looking Forest Warden’s Cape which you could only get from Walmart. There were six capes available which differed depending on who you pre ordered with. But the big thing to take from this is there are capes. All good adventurers need capes. Just watch Lord of the Rings for five minutes and you’ll see what I mean. These capes are using a new technology to make the movement and flow more lifelike than any MMO before.

8. Hunt Rifts

One of the things that makes Rift so unique are the Rifts. They come in just about every variety you could want. And now Trion has added another type of rift to the list. One that is harder than ever. Hunt Rifts are high level, require large groups and the more you do them the harder they become. The highest tiers of these rifts will require assistance from the Torvan Hunters. What makes them so hard? Well, you’re taking on the commanders of forces who are trying to invade before the waves of enemies come through other rifts.

7. Dungeons

I’ve never been shy about my disliking of dungeons, they just aren’t my thing. But as they are the biggest story elements in Rift they can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. There are a total of 7 new dungeons being added with Storm Legion. Anyone who pre ordered Storm Legion has already been able to check out the first of the dungeons, Exodus of the Storm Queen. But that still leaves six more dungeons which we have seen small peeks of during the many live streams Trion has been hosting.

6. New Souls

Four new souls are being introduced today, one for each class. These souls keep with the air/lightening/electricity theme that surrounds Storm Legion while adding all new elements to the classes. Ever wanted a melee mage? Harbinger is here for you. Tacticians are the engineers of Telara with a variety of tools and gadgets to help with everything from taking out groups of enemies to healing allies. The Tempest soul allows Warriors to start the fight from further away than ever before with bolts of lightening. And finally the Defiler acts as a medium for the energies of death allowing them to warp life and offer heals…for a price.

5. Grandmaster Crafting

I love crafting. I’ve spent days doing nothing but crafting, gathering more supplies and then going right back to crafting. But as you can imagine that got me to the crafting cap quite quickly. And so Grandmaster Crafting is introduced. This new ultimate level of crafting is aided by having new materials to harvest, new quests for crafting the new items and of course the two new continents to find all of this. So while we won’t be getting any new trade skills we still have plenty to look forward to.

4. 10 More levels

I’ll admit it, I’m a slow leveller. I only have one 50 and I’ve been playing Rift since beta. I’m a firm believer in the idea that it is the journey, not the destination that is what matters. So when I got my main to 50 she went into semi retirement. But now she’s back! With 10 more levels to explore, not to mention the two new continents life has been returned to my favorite character! But even if you don’t have that problem the 10 new levels are still a great way to get more fantastic story from Telara. Oh and of course there are the new abilities that come with more levels.

3. New Continents

If you haven’t heard Telara is about to get a whole lot bigger. Three times bigger even. On one there is an ancient civilization with amazing technology who have been overrun by the Storm Legion and on the other Regulos’ forces have taken over turning it into a dark haven of death. For the most skilled Ascended these two new massive continents are a dream come true. Well, assuming they enjoy adventuring, danger, and risk. If not…well they aren’t very good Ascended. These huge continents are the home of most of the changes and new additions coming to Rift with Storm Legion, making them an absolute must see.

2. Dynamic Events

One of the first videos we saw from Storm Legion was of this massive colossus with a nasty attitude. It takes a huge group to take one of these out. And it isn’t a quick or easy prospect. You focus your fighting on certain parts of the huge creature, degrading it’s armor which of course only makes it more mad. But then it breaks down a wall allowing access to an area otherwise unreachable. And on the other side of that wall are crafting materials and more. This is just one example of the new dynamic events coming with Storm Legion.

1. Dimensions


From the moment I heard about Dimensions I knew I was doomed. The first time I saw them at Gamescom I knew they were going to consume me. Dimensions aren’t just a generic house with a few items you can put in them to make it your own. Oh no, they give you a plot of land, many of the same items that are available to the developers and you get to go to town. Ships, guild halls, houses…you are only limited by your imagination.

This is by no means a complete list of everything you can find in Storm Legion. But it is what I’ve been looking forward to the most and what I’m going to spend my spare time doing for the foreseeable future.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Storm Legion!


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