MechQuest Interview: Mechanical Wars In A Fantasy World

Questions by Mohammed Afzal, Onrpg writer
Answered by Warlic, manager creative direction and content creation for MechQuest
MechQuest is another brilliant creation of Artix Entertainment, the creators of Adventure Quest, DragonFable and Adventure Quest Worlds. The game offers us a different aspect than the other games from Artix Entertainment; The game is mainly Sci-Fi combined with features of an RPG. The game might be browser based, but this does not take away that it is a great, unique and challenging game that offers us many hours of amusement!
We of Onrpg came in touch with Warlic, the guy from the mage shop in Adventure Quest, and we’ve given him the opportunity to tell us more about MechQuest.
Onrpg: Could you introduce yourself, please?

Warlic: Hello!  I am Warlic.  In addition to running GEARS University in Soluna City,  I am also in charge of creative direction and content creation for  the game,  MechQuest by Artix Entertainment!
Onrpg: What kind of game is MechQuest actually? 

Warlic: MechQuest is a Fantasy meets Sci-Fi Online RPG,  but instead of swords and sorcery,  you’ve got ballistics and lasers…and lots of explosions!
Onrpg: What differs MechQuest from your other games? 

Warlic: Aside from the Sci-Fi theme, MechQuest’s biggest difference is our battle engine which centers around mecha combat instead of traditional swords and sorcery combat.  Mecha may be equipped with arm, shoulder, and head weapons.   Firing weapons uses your mecha’s energy. Powerful weapons require more energy and often have longer cooldowns.  Both your mecha and your pilot have independent stats that also affect battle.  With these differences, fighting in MechQuest has a completely different strategic feel than the fighting in our other games. 
Onrpg: In what century does MechQuest take place and why did you pick that century?

Warlic: MechQuest actually takes place 5,000 years before AdventureQuest.  We chose that century so we could completely confuse… err,  I mean re-imagine the world and characters from the other games.
Onrpg: How can MechQuest, a game full of modern technology, take place before Dragon Fable and Adventure Quest when these games are built in a medieval world?

Warlic: That’s kind of a secret, but know this,  by the end of MechQuest your character will be at the center of an event that affects the entire universe… one of the biggest jaw droppers to ever hit the web.

In Combat wtih Kaiju Scythe.

In Combat wtih Kaiju Scythe.

Onrpg: MechQuest has a very complicated plot. Could you summarize it for us? 

Warlic: Actually, at this point the plot is so complicated we are no longer in control of it…   No seriously, it’s not really that complicated.  You start out as a young recruit on your way to GEARS University to study mecha piloting.  However, on your way to the University, a terrible war breaks out with an evil alien invasion force called the Shadowscythe.  You and the other students quickly take up arms to help defend the planet from these aliens.  In between saving the galaxy you can take odd jobs, rescue important people,  and explore space forging new alliances with other planets to defend the galaxy from the Shadowscythe.  Each planet has its own story!
Onrpg: What is G.E.A.R.S. exactly ?

Warlic: GEARS University is a school that trains talented young students in the art of mecha piloting.  As a new student there you will want to join one of the three houses:  Wolfblade,  Runehawk and Mystraven.  Each House has a philosophy that closely resembles the fantasy RPG archetypes. The Wolfblades are strong warrior types who will battle anyone in the galaxy to prove they are the best. They are seeking a fabled sword that is said to make anyone who draws it King of the Universe.  Runehawks are knowledgeable mage-types who have magic-based mecha. They are searching to learn the secrets of the Dragons, who mysteriously disappeared hundreds of years ago.  The Mystravens are rogue-like rebel  types who have quick ninja-like mecha.  They possess a magical door which is said to grant ONE wish if they complete a seemingly endless supply of bizarre tasks across the stars. You may only belong to one house at a time, however from time to time you may have the option to betray your house and join another.
Onrpg: It’s been said that the characters of MechQuest are different from the other Artix Entertainment games, but some of the NPCs show many similarities to those of the other games. What could you tell us about that?

Warlic: Many of our main NPCs from the other games are different in MechQuest.  This makes a lot of sense when the climatic ending is revealed. Since the universe that MechQuest takes place in is very different from the other games, we have re-imagined many of our characters for this different setting.  We have also introduced many brand new NPCs. 
Onrpg: What are Star Captains and Nova Gems?

Warlic: Star Captains are players who purchase an upgrade their account with a one-time payment.  They  get access to unique mecha models, unlock special powers, are able to access exclusive quests, have more stat points per level, and they even get their own customizable starships.  Nova Gems are a special currently that allows players to access special powerful weapons and items.
Onrpg: What is the difference between a Guardian and a Dragonlord?

Warlic: Guardians and Dragonlords are upgraded players from our other games.  Guardians are upgraded players in AdventureQuest.  Dragonlords are upgraded players in DragonFable.   MechQuest has some exclusive content in the beginning of the game that is available only to Guardians and Dragonlords.
Onrpg: Can you be a powerful player without subscribing to the game?

Warlic: All of our games may be enjoyed for free.  We try to balance the game so that free players may get a full gameplay experience without having to upgrade.   Free players may enjoy a significant amount of power but miss out on some of the cool items and extra features that Star Captains get.
Onrpg: Is there a PvP option in the game? Could you tell us more about it?

Warlic: MechQuest does have an option to fight against other players’ characters.  There are two types of PvP battles in MechQuest.  One in which you can load your friends character and fight them, and another in which you may battle a random character from an opposing GEARS House.  MechQuest PvP differs from traditional PvP because the opponents are controlled by the game AI instead of being Human-controlled.
Onrpg: What is the difference between mecha combat and melee combat?

Warlic: Mecha combat utilizes your player’s mecha and is the main focus of the game.  Melee combat is an alternate,   simplified fighting engine in which you can fight as your pilot, outside of your mecha using Energy Blade Weapons.  The melee fighting is much simpler than mecha combat and your player’s skill can be improved at GEARS University’s Energy Blade Fighting Class.
Onrpg: Could you tell us a bit more about these ‘energy blades’ ?

Warlic: Energy Blades are swords that have lasers instead of blades.  Energy Blades have many different shapes and sizes and some of the blade shapes are different than traditional swords, since they are comprised of energy instead of metal.
Onrpg: There are many different professions such as Lore and Zargon. Are these jobs similar to each other?

Warlic: There are many different professions in MechQuest.  Some jobs (like Mecharoni in Soluna City) are simple repetitive quests that give you a chance to get promoted to higher positions and unlock new items/mecha.  Other Jobs (like Planet Zargon) are entire involved storylines with a large variety of quests and characters.
Onrpg: How do the stats of a character affect its performance in battles?

Warlic: In MechQuest, we have the following pilot stats:  Power, Reflex, Accuracy, Efficiency, Perception, and Luck.  Power increases your overall damage.  Reflexes affect your chance to take the first turn in battle and your chance to dodge attacks.  Accuracy affects your ability to hit your target. Efficiency can lower the total amount of energy you use while fighting.  Perception lowers your overall damage in combat.  Luck slightly affects many things like your chance to get a critical hit, and your chance to go first, etc.  Pilot stats are independent of your mecha stats.  So, if you change your mecha model, your Hitpoints and Energy points will change,  but your pilot stats will stay the same.
Onrpg: Thank you for your time!

Warlic: Time is irrelevant, but thanks!


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