Meta’s Verse: Martial Madness!

Meta’s Verse: Martial Madness!

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Journalist



A record number of people turned out for today’s live stream from Paragon Studios. Was it because the host Zwillinger wasn’t wearing a hat? No. Was it because Arbiter Hawk(ward) was there with his fabulous hair? No, but it helped. Today it was all about two brand new powersets. I’m not talking about powersets that were on beta already, or ones that have been leaked. These were never before seen, brand new awesomeness. I know the suspense must be killing you by now! So I present to you, my loyal readers, Martial Combat for Blasters and Martial Assault for Dominators.



Martial Combat

This powerset is a secondary for blasters. Blappers rejoice! This set is almost entirely melee range. Some of the attacks have been taken from Martial Arts so they look a bit familiar. But most of them are brand new and look amazing. The first attack is Ki Push. It pushes enemies away in slow motion. Storm Kick and Dragons Tail, Eagle Claw are all kicks from Martial Arts. Burst of Speed is a very long range teleport which can be used 3 times before it needs to recharge and is an AoE attack. The buildup type power is called Reach for the limit. Throw sand is a familiar looking power. You throw sand in a cone that hits up to five enemies. Reaction Time is a power that is basically bullet time. Enemies get minus recharge, while you get plus recovery and absorb. You also get a short term speed boost which makes you feel the fastest for a short time after slowing down. The final power is called Inner Will. It is a self heal with a few special new things. If you are under a status, or under half health/endurance hitting this power will give you a minor heal, break you from the status and increases the strength of your own status and secondary effects.



This is one of those powersets that has been asked for since forever and I know a lot of people will be looking forward to it. Speaking of which both of the powersets talked about today will be coming out with Issue 24 and will be free for VIPs!


The second powerset that Arbiter Hawk and Zwillinger talked about today was Martial Assault for Dominators. This powerset has both ranged and melee attacks. And the primary focus is on throwing weapons. Specifically throwing shorikens.

The very first power is called Shuriken Throw and it does exactly what it says. You throw small handfuls of shurikens at an enemy. The second power is Thunderkick, this one is a kick taken from Martial Arts so it will look very familiar. Trick Shot is a fun power which bounces a shuriken off enemies in a chain. Spinning Kick uses something that isn’t used often. It is a cone kick which instead of focusing on your target it will go off in the direction you are standing. Envenomed Blades is a build up type power that adds toxic damage to all of your attacks. Dragons Tail is a spinning kick which damages enemies in a 15ft radius. There is also Caltrops which is just the standard capltrops throw. Though it does mean you can do that Knives super group you’ve always wanted to do. Masterful Throw is a snipe which is high damage and has a chance for Damage over Time. The last power, and my personal favorite is Explosive Shuriken. It does damage over time in a small radius around the target. So enemies nearby can get hurt during the explosion.

I know this is a ton of information to take in at one time. But I think it is safe to say a lot of people are going to be very excited. I know I’m going to be planning a new Blaster and Dominator until Issue 24 goes into beta. Which, according to Zwillinger, should hopefully be soonish!

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