Meta’s Verse: The Last Week of CoH

Meta’s Verse: The Last Week

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter



Well, we’re here. The week every City of Heroes fan has been dreading for months. I’ve been spending my week making a catalog of my characters, recording video and just generally saying a hard goodbye. Even more depressing is that November 30th will mark the two year anniversary of Meta’s Verse. I had planned to make this article all about what the future will hold for the big fanmade groups, Titan Network, Samuraiko Productions, and Real World Hero. Unfortunately for me, TonyV from Titan Network, and Mr. Wentworth from Real World Hero are both very busy with projects at the moment and don’t have the time to sit down with me.



Real World Hero has been in full gear for nearly a month now and will continue through to December 15th. So far almost $3,350 have been raised for the four charities it supports.

The Titan Network has two plans. One is the big Hail Mary TF. A 31 page pitch to Disney Interactive in the hopes to save City of Heroes from the end. And a final unity rally for the final hour of the best super hero MMO which will be held on the steps of City Hall on Virtue.



Samuraiko, though I imagine incredibly busy with videos and recording as much of City of Heroes as possible, had time to answer a few short questions.



1. What will the future hold for Samuraiko Productions?


Samuraiko Productions will continue on as it has – it’s very much a freelance business for me, and thankfully my clientele is slowly and steadily improving. While CITY OF HEROES certainly went a *LONG* way toward improving my skills and my experience, for which I will always be grateful, the closure of COH does not mean the closure of Samuraiko Productions. I’m hoping to begin making videos in some of the other MMORPGs I enjoy, and in future, who knows? If someday, COH makes a return, Samuraiko Productions will almost certainly be there to again chronicle things.



2. Do you plan on going on to other MMOs? If so, which ones?


Yes, I do – I am currently in RIFT and in LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE. Both are beautiful games with a lot of content, friendly communities, and much video potential. 🙂  Several of my COH-playing friends are also in one or both games, which helps! I’m not going to stop gaming just because of the closure of COH, although I have to keep reminding myself, “Oh wait, I can’t do that in this game like I do in COH.”

3. What one thing did you always want to do in CoH but never got the chance?


Finish my videos list.


4. Are you planning on attending the final moments? Where will you be?


Most likely on Justice, my home server, running around like mad, trying to film right up until the last second. Thankfully I live on the West Coast, and since it’s a Friday night, I can stay up til midnight, no problem. And I suspect I will be crying when the game goes dark.



This was of course before the unity rally was announced, so she may reconsider where she’s saying goodbye. Personally I plan to be at the rally. I’ll be taking part in the CoH/TSW screenshot gathering taking place. Oh and staying up all night so I can get as much time in City of Heroes as possible that last day.



I really don’t know what to write about this week. There is just so much sadness, I don’t know how to express it without sounding a little bit pathetic. I really do hope though that the Titan Network succeeds in their plans.



Before the end though, do your favorite things. Play your favorite characters on your favorite task forces. Get screenshots of everything! Videos too if you can. If you don’t you may regret it. Get those characters to 50. Don’t hold back or not do something because you’re holding a torch. The time for that will come soon. Join the Facebook groups, Titan Network and other groups forming to keep the community together.



Next week I’ll take a look back at the events that take place on Friday. Come back again then for the last installment of Meta’s Verse.

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