Meta’s Verse: Top 10 CoH Issues List Part 1

Meta’s Verse: Top 10 CoH Issues List Part 1

by Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Journalist



Meta’s favorite 10 City of Heroes issues of doom! Ok, not really doom. Unlike the crazy time we’ve been having! I don’t know if anyone has noticed but Praetoria has been invading. They knocked out power for a few days at my house. I hope everyone reading this made it through safely. Unfortunately I, (the player) have missed out on getting the Defender of Primal Earth badge because of a lack of internet. Sadface. But nevermind that! We have an awesome list of awesomeness to go through! You know how it goes, a breakdown of Issues starting from 10 and going to 1. And if you didn’t know that…well you do now. I hope you find it enjoyable and educational!


10. Issue 9: Breakthrough



Some people may try to argue that Breakthrough should be higher on the list simply because of the introduction of the invention system. And I won’t deny that the invention system is huge. It really is massive. Everyone takes advantage of it in their own way. I prefer to wait until I’m already level 50 to use Invention Origin (IO) enhancements. But I know a lot of people who use them earlier. Issue 9 also brought consignment houses into the game. Giving us a market we never had before. Other major parts of the release included the Statesman’s Task Force, the funniest of all the task forces. Hamidon breaks through into the Rogue Isles, and a whole bunch of badges. (74 of them) Issue 9 went live on May 1, 2007.


9. Issue 3: A Council of War



Even though this was actually before my time I think Issue 3 was one of the big ones. It gave us the Council, several Giant Monsters, Epic Power Pools, and Epic Archetypes. What does that mean in English? The Council enemy group came into being and drove out the 5th Column. Which I think is my favorite of all the storylines going on. And it has Nazis. Who doesn’t love/hate those guys? Kheldians were also introduced. Doesn’t every comic universe need some alien action? These are good guys, well mostly good. They have a fantastic and complex story. Epic Power Pools gave end game life a bit of a charge. Though I have to wonder what life was like without them. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look forward to unlocking them as part of their drive to keep leveling. Issue 3 also saw a lot of small changes to powers and other places throughout the world. Issue 3 was released January 4th, 2005.


8. Issue 12: The Midnight Hour



The Midnight Squad is an exclusive group of heroes who deal with magic and the occult and have access to one of the types of time travel. This power is utilized to take people back in time to ancient Rome where something unusual is happening in the town of Cimerora. Issue 12 also brought Epic Archetypes to villains. Though the story wasn’t new, getting to be a member of Arachnos was. As with Kheldians, the Soldiers of Arachnos have a story of their own which you get to live out as your hero progresses towards endgame. The issue also brought out some power proliferation, allowing more archetypes to have powersets that were already in the game. This round included Plant Control for Controllers and Earth Control for Dominators. While all of this was awesome, and I do love Cimerora, the single most important part of I12 was the increase in character slots on a server to 36. And I’m willing to admit, I want more. Issue 12 went live May 20th, 2008.


7. Issue 16: Power Spectrum



As the name suggests, the big part of this release was power customization. Never before could we pick the colors for our powers. Or a few new alternate animations for powers. As huge as this expansion was, I think the big game changer this time around was Super Sidekicking and the opening of hazard zones to all levels. It made finding a team easier than ever before. And you never had to worry about finding someone in the right level range to be sidekicked to. Issue 16 was released August 5th, 2009.


6. Issue 11: A Stitch In Time



Ouroboros emerged as more than just a symbol. Now it had taken on the power to control and play around with timelines. I mean, watching over time to make sure no abuses are made. Yes, that’s it. With Ouroboros came the ability to go back to missions you may have missed in lower levels. Along with the opening of Ouroboros came weapon customization, the introduction of Dual Blades, Willpower powersets, and rare purple inventions. Personally I love my purples, they give you a great Inf boost if you sell them, or you can use them and get fantastic boosts from them. A ton of new hair styles were released for both men and women along with some other small changes. Even though Issue 11 came out November 28th, 2007 I am still trying to get a dual blades character leveled.




Oh, I’m going to make you wait to see the rest of the list! Yeah, I’m a tease like that. But I promise it won’t be weeks upon weeks. Only a week, I swear. I’ll hijack Statesman’s ship if I have to in order to bring the next article on time! So, tune in next week to find out what my top 5 favorite Issues are!

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