Mini Fighter Review: Fight Until Death

Mini Fighter Review: Fight Until Death
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


When it comes to fighting themed MMOs, we’ve been given a lot of titles to choose from. Each title promises to bring an action-packed extravaganza that would leave you wanting  more, and most of the time they do deliver. Mini Fighter is a good example of one such action MMO. The game delivers non-stop action yet provides you with enough breathing space for you to enjoy the game’s beauty aside from the flying fists of fury you will meet in the game.



Mini Fighter looks and feels like a mix of various MMOs I have experienced before. There are elements that are similar to other 2d games such as Maple Story and Grand Chase. The first and most obvious similarity of Mini Fighter to these games is the overall gameplay. Mini Fighter is an action platform game, very similar to Maple Story. Even though Mini Fighter is strictly an action-themed MMO, traversing its world and going through various stages in platform style just screams Maple Story. However, unlike in Maple Story where changing through maps is a seamless and unnoticeable, in Mini Fighter going through dungeon instances takes time to load. The dungeon runs in Mini Fighter then jumps from the Maple Story feel into the “oh this feels like Grand Chase” stage of the game.


Mini Fighter Arcade Game
Mini Fighter arcade gaming


The second similarity of Mini Fighter comes from the feel of the dungeon instances. If you remove the lobby prior to dungeon runs in Grand Chase you will then get the idea of how dungeon runs are done in Mini Fighter. It is then normal to say that Mini Fighter at first may feel like you’re playing both Maple Story and Grand Chase, however, once you start plunging into Mini Fighter you will then realize that the game stands on its own.


Similarities end difference begin

The most prominent feature Mini Fighter has is that aside from the usual dungeon runs, the game has more PvP themed systems than any other fighting themed MMOI have experienced so far. It has the usual PvP skirmishes that most games of this kind have but aside from that Mini Fighter has four additional game modes and a whole lot of battle modes that provide you with a lot of ways to bash other people’s heads-in. Even if it’s all basically just fighting, the variations of the types of fights you can take part in is what makes Mini Fighter such an addicting game to play. If ever you get tired of one battle type you can just jump on another mode and you’re on your way to having fun again.


Variety makes it enjoyable

That’s not all. The game also has a quiz system where you can gain experience points and in-game currency. The problem is that the quiz is about everything. From “how many stars does the flag of Australia have?” to “What was the number of Shaquille O’Neal’s jersey when he was still playing in college?” are thrown at you and you are only given a few seconds to figure out the answer in a multiple-choice type of quiz. The good thing about this is that the questionnaire is so unpredictable you will be on your toes when you play it. The bad side of it is that the questions are just plain hard sometimes and you will really be at your wits end at answering some of them. Admittedly I was lucky to be able to get three consecutive questions right on topics that I had no idea on.


Mini Fighter Quiz 
Difficult questions in the quiz


Oh yeah, as a word of caution getting three questions right in the quiz is part of the game’s beginner’s quest, so you’ve been warned.


Best feature for me

Aside from the above mentioned game features, what I liked most is the game’s controls. I liked how you can string your character’s moves with a combination of button presses yet if you want to maximize the damage output you have to really have to get to know how your character moves and time in the proper keys to get those combo digits up to the tens. This type of control system encourages a skill based gameplay rather than a bash-the-keyboard game style which can attract loyalists due to the fact that there can be a divide between the rabid keyboard bashers and those who actually try to hone their style.


Mini Fighter Boss Fight
Play tactically to defeat bosses


Though this may eventually bring about a sort of elitist system, the type where those who string out combos will look down to those who just keyboard smash, the good thing about it is that this system fosters a sort of challenging environment where you are riled up in making the best looking combos with your chosen characters.


Population Problem

There is however, a certain problem that cropped up in Mini Fighter can’t be ignored. With the game being global, plus the fact that there are battle modes that rely on a certain amount of people within the instance. You may find it hard to enjoy the game fully especially with the game having such a diverse set of people for its population. I experienced moments where people were practically flooding the chat box just to let people come and take part in the grand arena tournament. While we were waiting the most number we got was only half of the required amount of people so by then people got tired and moved on to other things.


Mini Fighter Grand Arena
Waiting for 16 players


This is one case where it is important that a MMO must have a steady amount of people playing, especially if the game has a game feature that requires a certain amount of players present. Regardless of how great a game feature is, as long as its crippled it doesn’t help the game one bit.



Mini Fighter, without a doubt is one of the most decent fighting themed games out there right now. With the game’s simplistic controls, challenging move sets and skills plus the sheer amount of things to do in the game makes this a must play for those aching for some old fashioned beat ’em ups. I personally would’ve said two thumbs up for the game if not for the player population issue. So instead I’ll just be raising one thumb up with the hopes that I can eventually raise the second thumb in the future.


A lot of game modes to choose from
Easy controls
Fast and exciting gameplay


– Scarce Players
– Some game modes need a certain amount of players present
– The questions on the quiz are too hard.

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