Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Hosts Beta on Playstation 4 This Weekend

Monster Hunter World PS4 Beta Announcement

Capcom confirmed today that the beta sessions for the Playstation 4 of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will begin this weekend! Whether you’re a first-time hunter or experienced warrior, a sneak peek of the Iceborne content awaits, with the chilly Hoarfrost Reach area, a new monster and some fun new gameplay options. The first beta will be exclusive to Playstation Plus users and runs from Friday, June 21st (3 am PDT) until Monday, June 24th (3 am PDT). The second beta will be available for all Playstation 4 users and will begin on June 28th and run through July 1st.

The beta offers players three quest choices, including the beginner-friendly Great Jagras hunt from Monster Hunter: World for newcomers, the brand new horned brute wyvern Banbaro for an intermediate challenge or returning series favorite Tigrex for the fiercest of hunters.  All fourteen weapon types will be available as well, across those three quests and the training area.  The weapons will have new features, plus there’s the new Slinger tool options (Clutch Claw mechanic as an example). Three item packs will be available, upon completing each quest the first time, which will have helpful consumables in them. These will also be available in the full version of Iceborne.

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