Mythic Saga: One Small Step for Browsers

Mythic Saga: One Small Step for Browsers

By Jerrico Tan (JetSet), OnRPG Journalist


Hong Kong based publisher Cooltoplay opens its gates to the gaming market with their very first browser based MMORPG, Mythic Saga. The game revolves around crafting and questing just like similar browser based online games like Dragon Eternity and Adventure Quest Worlds. With its world entirely based on Chinese Mythology, each player steps in the game with lots of challenges awaiting them.



New players are made to choose from four available character classes in the game and each of them have specific roles and skill sets in a party. Gods bless the Knight class with divine strength to aid them in combat; an Assassin class has been trained to deliver serious damage with just one swift blow to its enemies; a Cleric class with supportive skills turns the tide of battle; and a Mage class that has learned and mastered devastative spells, ready to incinerate enemies in an instant. But as you can see, the classes available in Mythic Saga are still quite similar to other MMORPGs around.


In terms of presentation, the oriental world of Mythic Saga is beautifully crafted to fit your browser. The fields are packed with monsters and important Quest NPCs. As you farm monsters in the game, you’ll additionally experience weather effects and critical hits would similarly have a shaky effect – an in-game feature that is quite unique.



The core gameplay of Mythic Saga is all about reaching the maximum level cap and acquiring the best equipment in its highest quality. Questing is also existent in this game but the tasks are just mainly monster grinding tasks and component gathering for the quest NPCs. There is also a zodiac system where players can set a certain stat to develop passively while logged in the game.


Exploring the world of Mythic Saga is a breeze, thanks to the convenient path-finding system. An AFK-mode feature also does the majority of the dirty work for you: with just a press of a button, you can just leave your character in one spot and it will automatically grind the monsters around him. Initially, these features may seem cool and handy but in the long run, the game seems to be breeding a certain “laziness” within you that instead of playing, you’ll just end up staring at your screen, watching your hero slay monsters on his own, turning you from a gamer to a lowly spectator, thus giving you the greatest idea of leaving the game permanently and getting back to your life.


Although the features presented in the game are also existent in other titles in the market, Mythic Saga still has some potential, which is a pity because all would have been better if they just enhanced the game even further in terms of concept and presentation. Sure the weather effects-thing is a cool (but useless) add-on but really… what about user interface? Gameplay? Originality? And the list goes on…



For a browser game, Mythic Saga is a well-designed piece of work for players who don’t have enough time to spend on their hero’s development. With the game on its early stages let’s just hope for better improvements in the future.


Graphics 3/5

Controls 3.5/5

Features 3/5

Customization 3/5

Community 3/5

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