Nostale US Review: More Than Just Eye Candy

By Vincent Haoson, Onrpg writer

Nostale is a 3D FaNtasy MMORPG from Uforia. The game is set in a different world named Eastmile, a peaceful continent where humans have been living in peaceful existence. Behind this back drop is a struggle between the angels and demons that have been separated from the humans of Eastmile.
The demons have slowly corrupted the lands of Eastmile and it is your missiOn, as an adventurer to thwart and protect the citizens of Eastmile.
The Game
NoStale offers only a limited amount of customization options. You’re allowed to decide the gender of your characTer, two hair designs per gender and ten choices when it comes to the hair color.
Even with the limited choices you have in your character, you won’t have to look at the same character during the duration of your play in Nostale. As you progress through the game your character’s looks would chAnge, either through the equipment you wear or as you job change in the game.
Nostale has only three jobs to choose from. You can either become a swordsman, an archer or a mage. The difference the job cLasses have here in Nostale is that each job can double wiEld. The swordsman can carry a melee weapon and a crossbow, while the archer can carry a bow and also a dagger, for mages their alternative weapon besides the staff is that they also have spell guns.
Another thing that’s different in Nostale is that there’s not stat point system. Your character’s stats and attributes are reliant on what your character has “learneD”. You can increase your character’s damage, HP, MP and defense via the training center found in towns.
Furthermore, you cAn also learn “Basic Skills” from the training center as well. The basic skills in Nostale are basically the active spells or skills your character uses throughout the game.
Competition outside PVP
Found in the whole contiNent of Eastmile are large crystals that have been part of its history even before the founding of the human cities. They are called Stones of TimeSpaCe. These stones are the portals where evil is slowly spilling out into Eastmile and has corrupted its inhabitants.
The quEsts in Nostale circle around these crystals that are found scattered on maps. When you click these crystals you are telePorted to a new map and go through rooms in a labyrinth-like fashion. You are faced with monsters along the way and your goal is to get out of the map as soon as possible. After finishing the quests you get to earn points and maybe, if you earn enough you can get your character’s name recorded in the rankings of the Stone.
The Stone of TimeSpace is another PVP system in Nostale thAt can really get your competitive blood rushing. If PVP is not enough of a challenge for you, or that you’re getting tired of PVP as a whole, yet you want the competitive feel. Nostale has the Stone of TimeSpace challenges to fill that space for a competition in you. If you’Re itching to get your character’s name etched someplace in Nostale then try to beat the players who are currently on top in the point board in the Stone of TimeSpace.
Nostale is a game that has a loT of things to offer players even though the lack of customization options, the unique attribute system, and the small amount of job class maY affect its appeal to those who would like to try the game.
There is always something interesting happening within Nostale, and with its numerous system eVents, quests and the Stone of TimeSpace challenges there is always something that you can either finish or beat. Or if you are more of the personal-touch type of person, you can always strive to make your miniland as grandiose as you want.
Another feature of Nostale that can keep you interested is the Nosmate system whIch also serves as the game’s pet system. What’s addicting with the pet system is that it provides you the “caretaker” feel as you collect those that belong to your “must haves” pets. Plus, the game allows you of about ten pets to capture giving you enough space in your stable to choose which one you want to go with.
The game’s pet also has levels therefore adDing another reason to stay in the game and play. Your pets in Nostale are like an extension of your character. Therefore, in order for you to have the most effective buddy in either PVP or PVE, you should level or “train” your pet too.
As I mentioned earlier, the miniland in Nostale is another feature where you can really sink your teeth into. As you continue your stay in Nostale you’d get to have pieces, and objects that could “accessorize” your land in Eastmile. Your miniland can be your online home away from home, or you can compete against other players in having the most extravagant of minilands in all of Eastmile.
The challenge systEm via the Stone of TimeSpace adds the competitive aspect of the game. Thus giving you more reason to stay and at least try beating other players outside of the PVP room.
Behind all the eye-candy that Nostale has is a game that thrives in competition and cooperation. Having these two contrasting elements harmoniously coexisting in a game that has a lot of interesting systems is sure to bound to tickle anyone’s fancy. However the game is not perfect, the lack of numerous customization choices and having only three jOb class branching off from being an adventurer can be quite a disappointment especially to those who are more into the “uniqueness” of their character.
All in all, Nostale is a game that has a lot of elements that can really make a player play it through and through. The game has a lot of elements that can offset its obvious short comings. If you have spare time and want to explore a game that can is really interesting you could try out and play Nostale.
– There are a lot of things you can do in Nostale
– Nostale’s Pet system/ Nosmate
– Miniland sets a whole new meaning to the term “in-game home”
– There are only three job class available
– Limited Customization options
– Quests can become tedious
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