Nvidia Reveals GTX 660/650 Graphics Cards

Nvidia Reveals GTX 660/650 Graphics Cards



Earlier this week I got to sit in on a conference call with Justin Walker, Product Manager for Geforce’s GTX products to check out the latest addition to their Kepler GPU line-up. And I must say this is an occasion for desktop PC Gaming enthusiasts to rejoice as the next-gen graphics power of the GTX 600 series is finally being released at a reasonable price of around $229 for the 660 and $119 for the 650. This is of course a big deal as to get a Kepler level card with support for all the latest important features made available by DX11 and PhysX you would be dishing out $300+



Here’s the specs we’re looking at with each card:


GTX 660



GTX 650



But if you’re more of a gamer than a techy I’ll break down those numbers into something that’s far easier to understand: frames per second and performance versus past generations!



When tested against the GTX 660’s comparable cousin from 2008 (the GT 9800), the GTX 660 brought 4x the performance on average, bringing in 51fps on Borderlands 2 vs 10fps with the GT 9800. Furthermore when tested running GW2 in 3D, it still managed to chug out an astonishing 41fps compared to 16fps from the GT 9800. Finally in the screen recording department it managed to snag 49fps. With DX11 being adopted by over 30 major developing companies now, this power requirement is starting to become the norm, not the exception. Also if you’re a true enthusiast and looking to bridge cards, the GTX 660 can do so with up to 2 other cards in sli.



But for those that feel the GTX660 is still too pricey, let’s look at the lower-end GTX650 and how it stands against the graphics juggernauts of our day. When compared to its 2008 cousin the GT 9500, the GTX650 averaged 8x the performance! It also consumes half the power of its 2010 cousin the GTS450! Throughout many of the top titles on the market today it averaged 47fps while still offering all the important support of DX11 and PhysX.



Both are available for purchase now so if your PC desktop hasn’t been cutting it lately, you know what to do!

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