OnRPG/MMOHuts @ NYCC – Day 3

OnRPG/MMOHuts @ NYCC – Day 3

Event covered by Michael Sagoe (mikedot) and Isaac Sagoe (Afromania)



Third day of NYCC was here, and it was going to be a busy day. My brother and I got up as early as possible so we could prep up for our interview with the creative director behind HAWKEN. Even though we showed up early, we were able to get our interview in almost as soon as we showed up. During the interview, I threw in some questions that some members of the OnRPG forums wanted to know, such as bigger map sizes, clan features and immersive features like fully viewable cockpits. Overall, the creative director was very excited to talk about HAWKEN and the recording for the interview turned out well, so expect the full interview soon.



Next up: The Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter panel, which showcased a very impressive amount of new content that will be available for the expansion, including the new Foundry system that allows players to create their own scenarios and quests for other players to complete, just like Game Masters would do while playing the original Table-Top Dungeons & Dragons games. They also went into fine detail regarding the massive amount of lore that was pulled straight from classic D&D material to be used in the upcoming expansion, had a small Q&A session and even gave away some prizes just for showing up.



I and my brother were the only ones capturing footage of the event, so you can expect some exclusive footage of the whole panel next week.


*No (good) pictures of the panel to show here. Sorry!*


That was all the major events that I had on my schedule for the day, so I went off to do some more exploring.



There was one booth in particular that I kept passing up, the Craftsmen booth, thinking it was only about promoting some new power tools, but then I took a closer look and found THIS:


(Yes, this is real.)


Well… Say hello to the newest member of the Justice League! I skimmed through a few pages of the issue, and from what I’ve seen “The Craftsmen” is quite literally a “superhero” that can build and fix things. Yeah, that’s about it. Really seems like the weirdest product promotion ever. The actually Craftsmen PRODUCT that they’re promoting in the comic seems pretty cool, though.



The day eased up a bit after that as I looked around cosplayers to take shots of.


Jack from Mad World/Anarchy Reigns!


Scorpion from Mortal Kombat!


PSY! (I only saw two people dressed up as this guy. I honestly thought there would have been more.)



There wasn’t much else that I was looking forward for the rest of NYCC…

…except for ONE panel, which was probably the most ridiculous event panel in NYCC history:



Yep. It sounded like the most hilariously stupid thing ever, and I wanted in on it. I and several friends lined up along with a whole mess of overly-excited participants. When we got in, we found that there was a bunch of goodies waiting for us on each of the seats: Two bingo sheets, a plastic gun, a plastic spatula… and a condom.


Best combination of freebies EVER


The announcers said that the freebies would be used during different parts of the sing-a-long for participants to get a more INTERACTIVE experience. Before the main sing-a-long even started, they played a whole bunch of classic R.Kelly songs, and people were welcome to walk up to the front of the panel just to get up and dance… And boy, people sure were getting into it. I’m actually quite surprised that security officers didn’t try and stop anyone from standing on the tables and dancing with their shirts off!



The whole event was just an incredible laugh riot. I did manage to record SOME of the sing-a-long, but you just had to be there to truly experience it.



That’s all for Day 3. Stay tuned for our last day of coverage, featuring a look at the Marvel Heroes booth.

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