Operation 7 Review: Customization and Realism Set it Apart

Operation 7 Review

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Writer


Lately I’ve been playing a lot of FPS (first person shooter) games. MMORPG’s seem to get repetitive at times, so I decided to play some FPS games for a while. After trying many FPS games, Operation 7 has gotten my attention. This is a great game with good graphics, many players, and a lot of customization. Please be aware that not all screenshots are on the highest settings, so the game will look much better when played.

Game Start

Operation 7 isn’t played by double clicking the icon on your desktop. Instead when you click the icon your favourite browser will open up to the Operation 7 website (op7.netgame.com). Here you are required to login, and click the big Game Start button. Doing so will launch the game, update if required, and you’re ready to go. Please note; you are required to be 18 years old in order to play the game.

Looks and Sounds

Operation 7 has great graphics for a free to play FPS game. The guns look great, and the maps are very well done. Although the grass in Broken Reed could use a little bit of work, but this could be because of my computers graphic card (upgrading soon). When you are close to an enemy and shoot them, or get shot you can see the blood will actually go on your gun! This feature really makes the game feel realistic.


Realistic Features

Blood on my sniper rifle


The sound in Operation 7 is very well done. Like OnRPG says in Operation 7’s overview: “Have you ever felt “Am I shooting gun? I think I’m shooting toy gun..” while playing FPS games? We do not recommend you to set volume high while you are playing operation7. Police might be standing on your door after 5 minutes of you.”  -OnRPG.


The guns will actually sound like real guns. There are also special radio commands to help your team out. When you have killed an enemy, your character will automatically say “Enemy down!” Did you get sniped? If so, let your team know! You can use the radio to alert them of the sniper.

This reminds of something..

When playing Operation 7, you might be thinking that you’ve seen this place before. Well, you probably have because the maps are based on real world places! Operation 7 features maps like Kwangan Bridge, Shibuya, and Alcatraz! These are just some of the many maps in Operation 7. What’s cool is that all these maps are actually places around the world. Kwangan Bridge is a real bridge located Korea, Shibuya is a city in Japan, and Alcatraz is a prison in San Francisco!


Each map has its own purpose. Some maps might be good for sniping, while some are for Automatic Rifles. Netgame has done a great job by listing all the maps, with suggestions for what weapons to use on them, as well as game mode suggestions! You can check out this useful page here. I personally love playing in Shibuya and Kwangan Bridge. I’m a sniper in this game so these are great maps for this particular weapon. Shibuya is not suggested as a sniper’s map but I can play well there.


Sniping in Shibuya

Getting ready to sniper in Shibuya

SWAT or Gangster

Unlike most other F2P FPS games, Operation 7 doesn’t base their characters around SWAT or Army looks. Instead you can fully customize your character, weather you play a soldier or a gangster! There are many different types of clothing you can choose between, like SWAT Tactical Uniform or Hip-hop Clothes. Your character will look how you want them to look!


Operation 7 has many different types of weapons to choose from. You can equip a primary weapon, secondary weapon, knife, and a hand grenade. There are many different types’ guns, like Sniper Rifles or even Automatic Rifles. A list of all the weapons offered can be found here. Look through the list and see which weapon suits you the best! Are you the type who likes to run in and kill everyone? Or do you prefer to stay back and silently take everyone out? I personally like to play from a long range in Operation 7, so I obviously went for the sniper rifle. This allows me to stay far away, and take out my enemies. I do have quite a hard time when the enemies are up close.



Getting a Sniper Spot

Sniping in Shibuya




W.M.S (Weapon modification system) is one of many features which makes Operation 7 stand out from other FPS games. By using the W.M.S you are able to fully customize and build your own weapons. You start off by choosing a body. From there you can begin to add on all the parts, like the barrel, barrel cover, scope, butt plate, and magazine. With so many different parts to choose from, you can build your own unique weapon!


Building My Own Rifle

Building my Sniper


Game Mode

While playing Operation 7, I noticed there are many different game modes to play. Each one has a different goal, so the game won’t feel repetitive. You’ll have many things to do in Operation 7, so you won’t get bored for a long time! Like most FPS games, Operation 7 allows you to play Team Deathmatch. Like most of you already know, in this mode the aim is to reach the required kills faster than the other team. The required kills can be set by the room host. Another mode that a lot of FPS games seem to include now a days is Demolition. While playing Demolition, the aim is to protect or destroy (blow up) the designated areas. One team has the role of protecting the area, while the opposing team has to plant a bomb/C4 in that area. If you fail to defuse protect the area, you lose.


Then there’s a mode that requires a lot of strategy, called Survival. It’s played exactly what it sounds like. Your team must survive longer than the opposing team. When you get killed, you will not respawn until the round is over. The team with the at least one person alive will win the round. Unlike most games, Operation 7 has a different system for Capture the Flag. Instead of just picking up the flag, and running it back to your flag, you must take over neutral flag areas. The flag areas are scattered throughout the map. You must locate them, and take them over.


The game mode which really makes Operation 7 stand out from all the other F2P FPS games is headhunting. Head Hunting is a unique mode where one person on each team is chosen. The other team must kill this person in order to win the round.


You Win




In conclusion, I recommend you try out Operation 7. It’s one of the better F2P FPS games released right now. I’ve had lots of fun playing and reviewing this game. What are you waiting for? Go to the website and click Game Start!


The Good:
Weapon Customization
– Realistic Sounds
– Maps
– Realistic Gameplay
– Graphics on guns are very nicely done.


The Bad:
You are required to be 18 years old to play.

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