The Realms of Loria

FEATURE GRAPHICS (10/10): This game has the best graphics in a browser based game out there. Granted, these graphics are not like Everquest or WoW, but when I rated it with a 10, I did so with what they have to work with and what the standard is right now. As of now, there is no other browser game with better graphics (and when I say browser game, I mean no plug-ins required, such as flash). Another reason for the perfect rating is the game's monster art, which is simply some of the best work I have ever seen on any game, ever. Their artist KNOWS fantasy art.

SOUND (9/10): Once again, this game soars above the others, and has music comparable to MMORPGs like WoW or FFXI. The only downside here is that they are midi files. They made them midi files for the sake of easier load time, and in a browser-based game, that is critical. However, working with what they have, those midis sound incredible!

GAMEPLAY (8/10): Combat is turn based, and moving anywhere requires the page to refresh. This isn't so bad thanks to your cache, but it can get annoying after hours of play. Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty flawless.

COMMUNITY (9/10): The community for The Realms of Loria is really great. They are nice players, and are willing to help anyone. The only reason for giving a 9 instead of a 10 is that it is really quite small at the moment.

OVERALL (9/10): This game is simply incredible, on all accounts. The developers are always adding in new features to the game,. They are also always reading the message boards for suggestions and constantly fixing bugs. Best of all it's totally FREE.

Legend of Mir: Three

FEATURE Not many games I know have the "Umphh" factor, you know the feeling when you play you just want to play on forever? Well this game has it. Following from the prequals, Mir 3 delivers mind blowing intelligent play.

In Mir 3, the company Game Network have nothing to do with this enticing game. The game is run by Quality Games Online a group of gamers who want their members to enjoy their games. The customer support is 24 hours and helps through the hard times playing the game.

So, I hear you say, what's Mir3? Well obviously it's an MMORPG and quite an excellent one at that. Although 2D graphics....what do you mean your not touching a 2D game with a 10 foot stick? This isn't one of the SNES look a like games I promise. I myself think that although the 2D graphics, it looks pretty slick.

Lag is an important issue with most games and I'm happy to say their has been so little lag for me I could compare it to real life. Although some players suffer from Sticky Feet (Where you get stuck in the same place for a while) It's pretty rare so don't worry about it.

With the graphics and lag issue sorted out I think we need to move on to the biggest thing since the BIG BANG, gameplay. Now as I said this game has the "Umphh" factor, they knew what the gamers wanted and gave it to us in small bits just to keep us interested.

The begginers quest start you off through the Land of Mir doing slight errands for Non Playable Characters (NPC's) After that phase is done you can go off to explore, the community is great so although the line "I R NOOB GIVE ME GOLD PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" doesn't work well they're sure to help you out.

The three classes are unique and very balanced such as:
Warrior: Strong and Muscle Bound, Meléé character

Sorcerer: Loads of mana to help him through the tough times and spell cast his way to victory

Taoist: New character among MMORPG's but a great one. He's more of a party character, the medium guy. He can do meléé and some magic.

With so many skills and spells your bound to be gagging for more whilst you get those levels up to become the best. But first their is an agonising choice to make after downloading. Which server? Well here are the characteristics for each server:
Ignis: The "busy" server a lot more than Gelu.

Gelu: The "quiet" server, some say it's a very much more calm server than Ignis.

Making an account on the site is easy. The site itself is very user friendly and you really can't go wrong with it. Tip of my hat to the Webmaster (Detomah) for the site and forum. Oh and about the forum it's easy functional with great moderators who know what they're doing. Their are so many people on the forum, it's a great place for meeting others so go round their and say your hello's when you've made your hello's!

The site doesn't actually give requirements to the game and they don't need to. Anyone with an internet connection should be able to play the game without trouble, no top of the line PC required!!!!!

Well to sum it up Mir 3 is a great game, wait an excellent game. Worth of 10/10? No I wouldn't say that although I haven't included anything bad about the game I'd just have to take 1 off for the graphics. Keep up the good work QGO and I hope after reading this you will slobber over the link given.


Ps: The Europe team have been nice enough to let anyone from any country play ;).


R.O.S.E. Online

FEATURE Weeell.... this game has finally been released. Most gleefull I am, and so, here comes one of dem rare reviews by noah! Let's get started.

Graphics (7/10): The graphics are pretty nice in my opinion. Of course they can't compete with the larger more popular games like WoW but for a downloadable game, they are pretty good.

Gameplay (6/10): The gmaeplays not a strong-point here. Its ok to say the least. Of course, the game has barely even been released so there are plenty of bugs, but the actual system itself seems mediocre. Moving and attacking is issued by clicking, much like any other mmorpg.

Community (8/10): I expected to be completely ignored by everyone in-game but I was surprised to meet quite a few nice people. For a game just barely out, there is an abundance of people all over, so finding someone to adventure with is never hard.

Sound (3/10): Nothing too special. Typical sound effects for attacking or using an item. The music is your typical gravity sound track.

Overall (7/10): I'm really enjoying this game quite a bit. It has its ups and downs but if your looking for something quick to try out, this is the game for you. See you online =)

World of Warcraft

FEATURE Before i begin I'm going to say i posted this in the wow section with actual paragraphs since this site can't handle it in reviews. Read it there if 1 giant paragraph scares you. Graphics 9/10 - The graphics of this game are above average. They made it to be more of a fantasy setting, which they succeeded at. To some it may be bad or horrible, but it is in my opinion that a game doesn't have to have graphics so good that you have to upgrade your computer just to view it decently. It just has to have a unique style, which most of the competition is lacking, the latest trend has been "whoever has the best graphics wins!!" instead of "hey lets make this game look unique, and set it apart from the competition". World of Warcraft tried something new, and it succeeded.

Sound 8/10 - The music is nice, the attack sounds are good, nothing really to complain about. I am personally not a fan of in game music, so i listen to winamp. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to really rave about either.

Gameplay 9.5/10 - Combat is fast paced and enjoyable. Food/water isn't killable enough to bankrupt your character, since your natural regen usually covers you. Unless your a mage, but you are given the ability to make food/water and that makes up for it. Warriors though are severely lacking. Rage is more of a handicap then a bonus. Since rogues start with 100 energy and are always "good to go" warriors have to start at 0 which makes holding aggro in the beginning a challenge. Other then that theres great gameplay.

PvP ??/10 - Untill battlegrounds comes out i can't give this a true rating.

The grind 10/10 - IMHO the perfect speed, people complain about it being too fast, and about it being too hard. So i think it is pretty balanced. You can either grind or quest with no penalties for either. Quests are fun, some are unique(not too many im afraid, but theres only so many things you can do with a quest system). But there are fantastic ones, like collecting pages of a book, exploring ruins, etc. Just because some people hit 60 in 1 month- doesn't mean everyone will. If your a casual player itll take you about 3 months if not longer depending on your actual in game time.

Server Stability 8/10 - It has some lag at times. And it has some downtime. But overall its up 90% of the time, and after the first day of retail its been nearly perfect in lag issues. Nothing to complain about here. But its not up 100% of the time so i can't give a 10/10.

Overall 9.5/10 - It is a fun game, which almost anyone can enjoy. Alot of the bad reviews from people I've heard tend to be nothing more then eq2 fanbois who came into this game with the opinion that it was going to be a flop, and then as they played they pick out as many flaws as they can, and then they exaggerate them so many times in their mind that they eventually believe them to be true. This game is definately worth a shot, even if you only play it for the first month. It is a great game and lots of fun. As a side note, i did not take in customer service into this rating, because the review wouldn't be fair, since the amount of time when you actually need them is slim to none.

I gave the rating a 10/10 on the actual review form, because at 9.5 i consider it to be closer to 10 then to 9.. but thats just imo

Maple Story (English Version)

FEATURE Simple introduction: its a 2D platform side scroller, with a healthy dose of Anime and addictive gameplay.

Great game, really. Just think about it. Reminds you of when you wer playing Mario, except that now you get to choose between 4 Jobs, and you gottta have the right stats and stick to that class after the 2nd Job Advancement.

Pretty cool game, very interactive.

Downside is that the English Version is far from complete, and is still going through alot of patching to flush out hackers, as well as not all areas and monsters have been implemented. Quests as well. The Cash Shop is still not open.

However they do try to make up in several ways. Like the recent X'Mas Event. Pretty lame, but oh well. Quite repetitive as you fight, but somehow it isn't as boring as you think it to be. Rarity of items may really be rare; the occasional appearing of one can renew that vigor in you to go on and fight some more.

Currency in MS in not inflated in any sense at all. And easy to earn too.

Skills and their effects are yet another plus point. You should try it today.

Star War Galaxies

FEATURE Overview

Star Wars Galaxies is a fully 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). It is the first MMORPG to be based on Star Wars and you can take many paths in this game, you can become an Imperial Officer, in space or on ground. Or you can join the Rebel force and help bring the rebels to victory.

In Star Wars galaxies you can also do things that you can do in other MMORPGs including, fishing (not an actual skill though), cook, craft, fight.

Star Wars Galaxies has many skills to choose from and you can have fun for hours doing quests to get more experience.

There is even a skill for player towns (Politician) which the leader must have.


The gameplay of Star Wars Galaxies can never get boring, fighting on this game isn't just click the monster and wait for it to kill them, on this game you can get special moves which allow you to deal a lot more damage, and watch your character do cool things! Crafting in this game is just as fun, you can even craft droids, starships, armor, weapons and many other things.

There is also a PVP System which I haven't used yet so I cannot tell you how good it is or how bad it is.

In Star Wars Galaxies you don't die, you get 'incapped' which is basically, you get knocked out for so long and then you wake up. Some people may see this as a bad thing but if you get 'incapped' 3 times within 10 minutes you will die and to the nearest cloning facility to you. You can insure your items and create clone data so you don't loose anything :).

Also the Star Wars Galaxies community is amazing, when I first started playing I was shocked by how kind people are as I came from a game called "RuneScape" which everyone will agree with me when I say this, but it has the worst community ever.

Anyway, as I was saying, just about everyone is friendly and willing to help you, or just if you want a chat, people will chat with you. When I joined the guild I am in now (Magical Trevor Guild, MTreV = Abb) I was welcomed in, even though I was completely new they didn't call me a "n00b" which you experience in many other games.

The only problem I really have with this game is that it can go slow when loading towns etc


The graphics of this game are very good, this may sound cheesy as I haven't really said anything bad about this game but to be honest it is one of the best MMORPG's I have ever played.

The graphics again, are very good and in this game you can actually see the difference in sizes of animals, for example, a rat is small but a Krayt Dragon is HUGE.

Also, as for my characters avatar; if I do a special move you can actually see the avatar proforming it and not just some text saying Special Hit: 500 or so.

There are some pretty amazing sites in SWG and you can visit them and recieve badges for visiting them. They even put the escape pod of R2D2 and C3P0!


I'll not go into much detail here as I don't really pay attention to the sound and I don't have my speakers on all the time.
SWG's sound is reasonably good if you can't play a game without having sound turned on :). There is also music and it will change depending on the area you are in.

The sound effects are very good I must say and these I have to have on. I must say one of the best sound effects I think is the rifles sound when firing as I like that sound and it reminds me of the movies.

Final Notes

You can play SWG for hours on end without getting bored, as I do. And if you ever consider joinng the game please play Europe - Farstar Server or if you enjoy roleplaying I recommend the Pheonix RP City on the Farstar Server. send a "tell" to me using /tell Becen .

If you enjoy roleplaying like I do, visit the Be Sarat Slarat (sorry if I spelt it wrong) town 3000m outside Mos Eisley!

Game Features (Taken from

Eight playable species with detailed character customizability

Entirely new 3D engine designed to portray the Star Wars galaxy in the greatest possible detail

A seamless universe spanning both familiar and never-before seen worlds from Star Wars

Vehicles for travel across worlds and through space

Extensive support for player run associations

In-depth skill-based system of advancement

Encounter and interact with famous Star Wars characters

Ally with the Rebel or Imperial sides of the Galactic Civil War, or remain neutral

Build and own houses, factories, and more

Define your own role in the galaxy; become bounty hunters, merchant, smugglers, Jedi and more!

Full team support with future expansions and updates


**I still beleive this game could be improved A LOT but I wont add those as I want this review to be a good one.

My Characters Name: Becen Sodine

Server: FarStar.

My Skills:

Novice Brawler - 3,x,x,x

Master Medic - 4,4,4,4

Novice Doctor, x,x,x,x

-Becen Sodine

Xiah Online

FEATURE This is a nice game. It consists of 4 characters, warrior, swordman, mage and ghost fighter. This game needs time for u to level up but if a game is easy to level up, the game won't be nice to play will it?

The graphic is beautiful, amazing. U can adjust the graphic according to your computer specs. If u have a good com, u should put it to the max! If u just passed the requirement, it is better that u don't adjust the graphic.

The BGM/sound/song of the game is nice, almost everything has sound, the background music is pleasing, and it plays it on a good basis.

Overall, it is quite a nice game, u shuold play it if u love games that has a lot of monsters. Quite a nice game, i can tell.

World of Warcraft

FEATURE World of Warcraft is a MMORPG that is p2p. Great game, but does have it's problems.

Sound/background music I don't really pay much attention, but its great. I love the sound affects when swinging a sword or when an enemy dies, no problems here. 9/10

Gameplay Very fun, even when you first log on. I am currently a level 9 shaman, on blackrock server. I got into a great guild, 60 members currently. We plan to do FvF (Faction vs faction) raids. The big focus on WoW is the PvP and FvF aspects of it. A lot of fun :) When I was alliance (I'm Horde now) We had 25 Alliance against 50 horde...that turned out bad :P. I love all the skills too, shamans get totems, hunters can tame pets at level 10. Warlocks can summon demonic pets, etc...9.4/10

Problems/bugs Well, like all MMORPGs, there are bugs and problems. Currently, some classes are to powerful and people are leveling wayy to fast. One person already reached lvl 60 and game hasn't been out long. Also macros and other programs are out, but Blizzard is stopping those cheaters, which is good :) They haven't fixed the stuch bug, I got stuck once, but luckily they have a unstuck option. Other then that (and besides graphic bugs), haven't encountered any other problems/bugs. 6/10

Graphics for a bunch of pictures. The graphics may not be up to date as other games and the cartoony stype turns some people away. I myself love them, I love echo island near the orc/troll starting place, beautiful place...a defenate have to visit (the monsters there are really tough so) But...there are graphics bugs. When running, sometimes you see your weapon go through you and low lvl capes aren't that great looking eather. 7/10

Overall/other Great game, with some problems, usually like MMORPGs when they are first released. A defenate must have, not many classes/races...but they are very hard to choose which one to play. They all fit someones play style. The community overall is great, but maybe thats cause I'm in a good guild :P If you ever log on to Blackrock server, feel free to message Vendayn :) 8.3/10

Dungeon Master Pro 2

FEATURE This Free Online Dungeons and Dragons Engine is awesome. Instead of having to meet up with a DM and other players in person, you can do it via the internet. The creator had an awesome idea to make this online. He now has about 10 more people playing because me and all my friends play now. If your a D&D or AD&D fan, you really need to check this out.

Apocalypse Beta

FEATURE Apocalypse

This game has progressed in the period of 3 years to a booming game in 6 months of an implementation. I played Version 3.5 and the beginning of the fourth age. The 4th age came and went due to bugs but releasing in 4 days from this post, it should be good from what I saw. Testers now say it is completely stable. Due to rushing it was bad when players entered, with 4 bugs bogging down gameplay, but now it is fine. The admin is friendly and players are pretty competitive. They added trading, alliances, private messages, improved attacking and also a new system to keep track of a province.

This game lost score because of course it is a beta and can improve and also the ages are too short in my opinion. I know the admin wants to give a chance for newbs to join but a month and a half is kind of short.

The good part is that between ages theres like a 1-2 week break. And new features come in quite often because it is a beta.

It isn't hard to learn, signup is easy, gameplay is fun and sometimes addicting, so overall its an 8.

World of Warcraft

FEATURE WoW, the best game i've played!

Gameplay: 10/10
If you HATE the hack-slash win xps yay i leveled then you'll LOVE WoW, because the combat system is WAY more complex. you can also, Fish, ( a personal favorite) and do MANY more professions ( I.e. Jobs to make $$ with) You can join guilds, Raid the other races and make them dance naked ( a Personal Hobby from Open Beta ) ( No offesense to night elf lovers :D ), and you can chat. There are quests but the first 20 are sry quest lovers but they are BORING!! Shamans warlocks and i think druids get special quests which are fun ( like totem quests as shamans I LOVE EM!). You can also just explore because you get XPS for finding new lands ( wierd eh?). So since you can do all this PLUS MORE TO COME LIKE HOUSES AND MAYBE marriage, this is going to be absolutily KICK ***.

Sound/Music: 8/10
If you love to explore you'll find the music very great because it varries from place to place, but if you stay at the same place for awhile you may want to TURN THE SPEAKERS OFF!!! Well thats pretty much it for this!

Stunning, says Gamespot in the highest rated mmorpg review EVER! They are truly amazing. IF your horde its nothing special and you may wanna take a vacation to see the naked night elfs dance, i mean ERRRR A hum Ahum, to see their landscape.

Transportation: 10/10
This is aswome, you can fly on zepplins wierd bats, gryffins, gliders, mounts and more! Truly MUCH better then the 1 MPH walking you do!

Pets are actually VERY usefull in this game! YAY i love hunters but i play Shamans now, anyways you will love the pet system as a hunter because you can get Almost ANYTHING as a pet!!!

PvP: 100/10
This is the MAJOR part of WoW YES i did do 100/10 because i LOVE the PvP no matter what THERE is A point in leveling on none PvP servers because you can fight the other side of the force! ( hehe star wars galaxy blows :D) I love the PvP servers but i unfortunetly play on A PvE server atm!

Replay: 10/10
This is always rated high because all MMORPG's have updates and more... CANT WAIT TILL HOUSING!!!! hehe.

My Comments:

Anyways You should buy this game retail or not and try it. If you dont like leave the WoW forums because if you flame, about 1/4 million people will flame you azz to helll! I LOVE THIS GAME AND ITS second only to Asherons Call, ( I luv the skill system in that game but grandma took the accounts :( oh well) BUT i guess now WoW is 1st PLAY AND I WILL HELP YOU! JOIN THE PST SHADOWSONG SERVER!

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