Tales of Pirates: Patch Notes

ARTICLE IGG (http://www.igg.com) has announced a new client patch of Tales of Pirates Online (http://top.igg.com). Let's take a quick look changing of this update version patch. In this updating, some new features have been added as below:

1. New Sever

The eleventh sever named Red Sea is opened in the

Myth War: Chinese ValentineÂ’s Day Activity Winners Announced

ARTICLE The two-week Chinese Valentine’s Day Activity has successfully come to an end. In this activity, we have received a variety of lovely messages from players throughout the world. Our forum has been filled with warm thoughts of love and well wishes.

After careful discussion and evaluation, the

ArchLord Crowns First World Leader!


ArchLord Crowns First World Leader!

Codemasters Online announces the crowning of the first ArchLord!

Codemasters Online is pleased to announce a new world leader has emerged as the first ever ArchLord is crowned!

For almost one year players have waged war across this popular FREE-to-PLAY MMORPG as thousands of players battled it out in one of the largest online battles ever seen to become the games first ever ruling ArchLord.

ICECUBE is the lucky winner of the ArchLord suit of Armour!

Ed Relf, Director of Marketing, Codemasters Online commented,  "We are ecstatic to finally crown our very first all-ruling ArchLord! The crowning of the ArchLord marks another milestone in the games ongoing development as we look to continue to grow the game. Icecube, the games first all-ruling ArchLord will now rule for one month and we look forward to the challenge for the next ArchLord due to commence later next month."

Since moving to a 100% FREE MMORPG, ArchLord’s popularity has exploded with the game service growing 500% in less than a week attracting over 500,000 online game downloads!

Jolt.co.uk partnership

ARTICLE Original player-driven online RPG re-hosted as game enters exciting beta stages

London – 23rd August 2007 – As part of its commitment

Tales of Pirates: The Eleventh Sever Up

ARTICLE After the second region released in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com), IGG (http://www.igg.com) are pleased to announce that a new server named Red Sea will be launched in this region on September 5th in order to meet the need of number increasing as well as offering better services for our

Zu Online: PK System Feature

ARTICLE IGG has announced a new PK system of Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com ) recently, let’s take a quick look.

PK is short for Player Kill which is usually used to name the fight between players. The player whose level is below 31 is protected from being killed; also he cannot PK others and cannot

Voyage Century LaborÂ’s Day Activity

ARTICLE With the Labor’s Day just around the corner, Voyage Century (http://vc.igg.com) is offering a big surprise to all the players. In the city of Athens, the official purchases the goods that players collect in high price. Furthermore, if all players’ goods sold to the official reach 100,000pcs, some

GodsWar Headwear Show

ARTICLE GodsWar Online provides players with special headwear to use, such as the Laurel, Gem Hand, Cap, headgear, Mask and Great Guard. They are a combination of fashion, classical style, luxuriance and practicality. Please read the below descriptions to know more.

Major event on DOFUS: the Amakna Odyssey

ARTICLE The MMORPG DOFUS is launching major event: the Amakna Odyssey on the Shika server!

The Town-Crier shouts: “Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! All persons of Amakna living under the reign of the Honorable, the Supreme King Allister, are

Age of Armor Got Its First Big Hit

ARTICLE Tens of thousands of players fighting together in Age of Armor at the same time, as the Age of Armor start its 2nd Close Beta Test on August 31st!

The Age of Armor now comes to its 2nd Close Beta Test, after the Close Beta started; the number of the players soon reached 10,000, and even went

Tales of Pirates: September Official Activities Prevue

ARTICLE IGG (http://www.igg.com) is pleased to announce a series of new activities have been added to Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) to meet our Players’ needs below:

Treasure Hunter

GMs will drop some treasure somewhere in the world! Useful hints will be provided, and only the first lucky finder