Nova 1492 A.R

REVIEW Nova 1492 Arms Revolution is one of the most addictive games i've ever played. It has amazing graphics if you a looking out for games with cool graphics. This is a strategy game. You have to earn money by accomplishing quests, then use it to buy parts for your robot which you are going to create. There are different types of quest, and each of them will reward you with different things when you finish it. For example, the "Defend Your Base for 5 Minutes" quest will give you a lot of money once you finish it compared to other quests. You can also gain Luck by playing the "Kill the Enemy Boss" quest and use the luck you have earned to buy parts. If you are lucky, you might get a "star item" which has bonus statistics. You can also challege other people. Anyway, if you are into 3D robot strategy games, you should definitely try this game.

I have played this game for quite sometime and I still have not got tired of this game. One problem is that, it's in Korean only, so you might have some trouble understanding the game.



On of the most hardcore BBS Ever created. This game is a stand alone web browser game wich enable an unlimited number of players. Guild and rings are allowed. It's really hard to start at this moment of the year, so wait until it restarts.


REVIEW First, let me say, The graphics aren't the best, but so far I like it, kinda boring since you cant move until level 10, then you can start building forts and stuff which is cool.

Graphics: Not the best, but its ok 4/10

Gameplay: No lag, kinda boring to play so in the beggining, most of what you do is chop wood and plant trees for lumber which then you sell.

Players: The forums seem normal, cant really say much about this.

Sound: No music, but you can hear chopping sounds or planting a tree and other sounds. 6/10

Overall: 7/10

Silent Shadows


Well, first let me say this, its another player words RPG, so I know some people wont like it. If your one of those people *waves* theres the door.

Adventure Quest


Dragon Quest is an RPG game made entirely from Flash. So as you can imagine...comparing this game to most other games is like comparing a coloring book to War and Peace, it just isn't possible.


Dark Eden


Ya know, as much as I want to give Dark Eden a perfect score, I just can't in good conscience. The gameplay here is extrememly addictive and easy to get into, but darnit, Eden has its problems.

Puzzle Pirates


Puzzle Pirates is a neat little game. The concept is very original and quite refreshing. Basically you live the life of an everyday pirate trying to make the big bucks.


Monster and Me


Monster and Me has a console-like feel to it. Battles are random, and turn based. Combat is actually quite fun, only downside being the battles may drive you a wee-bit crazy sometimes. Gameplay does get repetitive, but after taking a break for awhile, you'll certainly wanna dive

Thesa Online


Do you ever remember waking up as a child on Christmas Day? Anxious to see if you got what you ::really:: wanted for Christmas, only to find something else in its place?



I know this may sound strange, but this games reminds me alot of Mortal Kombat. Not because of gratituous violence, though, this "game" has a very kiddy feel to it.



Did you ever feel like playing your super nintendo rpgs such as Chrono Trigger or Zelda 3? Well, this game, gives you the ability to do that but in a massively multipalyer setting!

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