GodsWar Online Feathers-Faction System Preview

ARTICLE Faction war plays an important role in GodWars Online (http://gw.igg.com). Every player of the two poleis - Sparta and Athens in GodsWar Online wants to be the master of Greece.

Faction system introduction:

Tales of Pirates: Patch Notes

ARTICLE Notes for the latest patch of ToP (http://top.igg.com) have been released and are now available for viewing.

1. The 2nd Region and Two New Servers

Mystic Ocean’s two new servers, Aegean Sea and Black Sea, have been officially launched for Tales of Pirates. Currently, there are two regions and 10

The end is up to you

ARTICLE Age of Armor is a war history contains documentary, video and kinetic movie which is different from other MMORPG; it is a special game that the end is up to the players. Whole game is mainly about “Robot” and “High-technology War” and theme is showing by both of the two parts. The dominant theme is

Siege Affair Guild vs Guild


Anime MMORPG, MixMaster Online has announced the official launch of its Siege Affair (Guild v Guild battle). It will be launched on 11th August ‘07. Siege Affair is the most popular weekly event in all other MixMaster versions and is already attracting many interests from 40,000 current users.

Tales of Pirates: Weekend Double XP Event


IGG is going to hold Double Exp event and Item Mall Overall Special Offer to welcome the coming new version of Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com).

Double Exp event

The Double Exp event will be held for two weekends from 0:00 EST

Zu Online: Introduction to Armor of Bead Fairy

ARTICLE IGG today announce level 1-6 Armor of Bead Fairy, which is one of the five clans from the upcoming MMORPG Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com).

The Bead Fairy belongs to a tough but peaceful clan. When entering into combat they often defeat enemies by somewhat different means than the other clans. They

Voyage Century: New Version Client Preview

ARTICLE After 7 months’ successful running, Voyage Century (http://vc.igg.com) has proven to be a marvelous game with a profound cultural background. Now, the highly anticipated new edition of Voyage Century is going to be released, in which elements from the new and old editions combine to form a fantastic

Release of DOFUS Episode 9: The night of the living woods

ARTICLE The 4 million players MMORPG DOFUS will soon be releasing Episode 9 on server Shika: The night of the living woods!

This new episode will contain:

- A new area: the Treechnid Forest

- Two new dungeons: the Treechnid dungeon and the Soft Oak dungeon

- News monsters including the Treechnee,

Win to do Survival Quest with Game Master

ARTICLE In the previous Survival Quest activities, players usually fight to survive all by themselves. This time you have the chance to taste a special Survival Quest with the help of Game Master.

Time: The event will commence at 4:00 PM Server Time, July 29th

Location: one random map on Myth War

Create Armor on My Own

ARTICLE Does extraterrestrial exist in the endless universal? If it does, what does it look like? Gundam? Such questions may appear in many fans’ mind for many times. With the game industry’s development, many games come out one by one. Age of Armor, which developed by Snail Game comes with a hope that to