Xiah Review


There are many massive multiplayer online role-playing games on the market now. For a game to be successful it needs to be distinct and without glitches. Xiah brings out all the best aspects of this style of gaming, if not many of the best aspects of gaming in general. In Xiah, you create your

Rappelz Goes Live Nov 3rd!

ARTICLE Due to the success of Open Beta Rappelz, one of the most highly anticipated Free 2 Play MMORPGs will officially go live November 3rd, 2006. Rappelz was developed by nFlavor and published in the North American, South American, Australian, and European market by Gala-Net Inc. (the publishers of Flyff

This Halloween Marks the City of Villains One-Year Anniversary


Launched on Halloween of 2005, City of Villains finally answered one of the players’ top requests - to be the bad guy. To commemorate this first annual milestone, we conducted our own Q&A with Cryptic Lead Designer Matt Miller.

Rappelz Halloween Extravaganza!

ARTICLE Halloween is here!!

To celebrate Halloween we will be holding a Rappelz Halloween Extravaganza where users from the world of Rappelz can collect candy by slaying monsters. You can either use the candy to help you recover your stats or you can experiment and combine different types of candy to

Rappelz Interview with Producer


Unlike other games with pets, in Rappelz pets play a large role and all characters can have useful pets. The ability to own dungeons will keep people excited and involved in the world of Rappelz.

Funcom extends unique free offer in Anarchy Online to 2008

ARTICLE Durham, USA - October 27, 2006 - Funcom announces an extension of the completely free and play-all-you-want offer in Anarchy Online until January 2008. The free offer was a major MMO first when originally introduced and to date almost one million players have registered a free account in ‘Anarchy Online’, making it one of the most successful western MMO games of all times.

Welcome Back Weekend

ARTICLE Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October [26], 2006 —eGenesis today announced that A Tale in the Desert III will hold its Welcome Back Weekend on October [27-29], 2006. A different kind of MMORPG, A Tale in the Desert III has been a success in America and Europe, combining great in-game features with a wonderful community. Players who have previously played A Tale in the Desert III are invited back to reactivate old accounts with no credit card. In fact, new players are encouraged to download the game for free and play for free, as well with no credit card required.

GuildWars Nightfall Launches

ARTICLE October 26, 2006 (BELLEVUE, WA) – Guild Wars NightfallTM, one of the most anticipated PC game releases of the holiday season is on its way to retailers and will be available on store shelves in North America and Europe on October 27, 2006. NightfallTM is the latest campaign release in the award-winning Guild Wars® franchise played by millions worldwide, created by ArenaNet® and published by NCsoft®, the world's leading developer and publisher of online computer games.

Not half bad

REVIEW I saw that this game had a 0 as a rating, Its from the same makers as

RYL(i think), so i had 2 try it. It isnt that bad, its hard 2 get started out, after I played 4 a while it got pretty good. Graphics r cheesy, but it doesn't lag at all, gameplay is o.k. community is helpful, and an intresting

12-10-2006 Arch. Cave & Making Syrnia more user friendly

ARTICLE The respawning of monsters, chests, resources, and items in the Arch. cave has been fixed. Some items didn't properly respawn or respawned not frequently enough.

Now go get those rare weapons...

There are 3 saurusses waiting a.t.m.

In addition to the new layout I have also reduced the movement

My Take on this game

REVIEW I played it very addictivly for almost a year. Which is rare for me.

I found it fun but after a while it got boring. And the community is getting worse. But finnally updates are comming so it is getting better.
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