Voyage Century Say No to Vicious PKs

ARTICLE The new edition of Voyage Century ( has been updated with the Hunting Roll. When use the Hunting Roll you are switching to the state of hunting after buying it. If you shoot down a Player with a Red Name whose notoriety degree is 10+, he will be thrown into prison at once. The

Tales of Pirates: Video Contest

ARTICLE Tales of Pirates ( Official is announcing their new forum activity - Video Contest.

Time: Aug, 9th ----Sep, 8th

Location: TOP Media Overview < a href="" target="_blank">

Content and Rules:

1. The content of video should be positive and

Zu Online: A Preview of Armor for Sun Warriors

ARTICLE IGG has just introduced the armor for Sun Warriors—one of the clans of Zu Online, seen briefly on

Sun Warriors, with their strong will and steel-like body, are one of the strongest clans in Zu Online. They are always at the forefront of a battle, acting as a tank to protect

Complete Task System in Age of Armor

ARTICLE With Age of Armor Closed Beta right around the corner, we invite players to experience the task system in Age of Armor and provide their feedback.

There are six kinds of quests in Age of Armor. They are Main Task, Training Task, Chip Task, Race Tasks, Repeatable Task, and Instance Task. Each of

Tales of Pirates Feature Light: Vessels System

ARTICLE The most attractive part of Tales of Pirates ( is the sea battle, and Players wanting to test their mettle on the open water have got to have a vessel. After all without a vessel of some kind how can you conduct a proper sea battle? All rhetoric aside, vessels can be bought from

The Unique Music Background in GodsWar and Soundtrack Samples #1

ARTICLE The importance of background music in games cannot be ignored. They set the tone for scenes and can provide a sense of emotion that enhances realism. The music for Gods War online ( has been chosen carefully and was done in a lovely Greek style to compliment the contents of the

The Date for Zu Online Alpha Testing is Announced

ARTICLE Game developer and distributor Internet Gaming Gate (IGG) is announcing the start of Alpha testing for Zu Online (, a Chinese Kung-fu Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) with a limited number of elite players. The Alpha testing will start on August 28th 2007.

Account Give-aways for Age of Armor 2nd Closed Beta Starts!

ARTICLE Account give-aways for Age of Armor 2nd Closed Beta will start at 12:00 noon (EST), August 6th.

As Snailgame has set up their servers in America for this beta test, everything is brand new. All players need to get a new account by following the link below:

In-game Operators

ARTICLE In-game Operators

Everybody on WYD, is preparing for the upcoming Wydian Military Academy Event, the meeting for the In-game operators has began. The aim of this event is to help players especially the new members to level up easy. In-game Operators will guide the players, they will give tips for

Myth War: Weekend Universal Collecting Activity

ARTICLE The folks over at Myth War ( official team never let us down. For MWO players, weekend is always good time to enjoy the fun of various kinds of activities. Today they announced the details for upcoming weekend activity on August 5th.

Time: Server time 4:00--5:00pm 9:00—10:00 pm,

Corps System

ARTICLE In Age of Armor, players can create their own corps when they get a proper level. Although the condition to build a corps is not very complex, it is not easy to enlarge the scale of your corps. Only if you keep enough military fees and a certain number of members, the corps can be run formally.