Pimpin Down Under

Pimpin Down Under is a multi-player web based game where you take on the role as a Pimp, living the thug life in the cities of Australia. Your mission is to build an empire of thugs and hoes increasing your networth.

The game is absolutely FREE to play so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go! When you first sign up to play you are introduced into the current playing round and are also given 300 bonus turns into your reserve, which you can transfer into your game whenever you like. Turns are required to actually perform in game actions like scouting your hoes or attacking other Pimps. Read the How to Play section for more information on turns and other specifics of the game.

If your aim is to be one of the most bad ass Pimps then you need to build your networth. As you play you will realise the absolute necessity for turns and how quickly you will use them, and run out of them. More turns can be bought so you can add literally hundreds of turns to your game for a very small price. If you get into Pimpin then the purchase of turns is a great way to support it!

Are you a good enough Pimp to be one of the best on Pimpin Down Under? Only time will tell… good luck!

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