Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a very easy to get into game.The classes include swordsman,magician,thief,acolyte,archer…and those are only the starting classes.When your job level reaches level 40…you can change into the higher promotion of your job…swordsman->knight,thief->rogue,etc.Leveling in this game is not very hard or time consuming.In two days i found myself lvl 31/25 swordsman.People in this game are very nice and fun to get to know.Just dont expect any of them to loan out any money to you anytime soon.Graphics for this game are very good so i give it a 10/10.This game has some awesome music also so it also gets a 10/10.Overall this is 1 of the best games ive every played in my entire life.Give this game a go if you dont believe me.

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