Rappelz Interview: Epic VI Solis Aurum Update

Questions by Jeffrey Kerkdijk, Onrpg Journalist
Answered by IToki, Rappelz Community Manager


Rappelz went Epic VI last month. We from Onrpg.com took that chance to interview Henry Toki, Rappelz Community Manager. What new content can we find in Epic  VI? What is Henry’s favorite aspect of the game? What improvements happened that we cannot find on the teaser site?
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OnRPG: What other new content can be found in Epic VI besides a new dungeon and a few interface tweaks?
First of all, we have a ton of new pets. Three new combat pets, the Octopus, the Naga, and the Genie are available in Solus Aurum. All of them offer new spells and abilities. There are also three new decorative Moon Rabbit pets for those who just want a cute companion. We’ve also added a new item combination system to allow players to craft enhanced items by breaking down junk items and collecting certain monster drops. Then there’s the Flea Market, which is a new area for players to set up their own shops for buying and selling. And, of course, we added a host of new monsters and items.


New Combat Pet Nagas


OnRPG: Rappelz is a big success, what is your own favorite aspect of the game? (please motivate youre answer)
The pets are my favorite aspect of the game. The customizability is fantastic, and it’s great to be able to have a partner all the time, regardless of what class I’m playing. It adds a tremendous amount to the flexibility and fun of my play style.


OnRPG: Is there any content coming in Epic VI that can’t be found on the teaser site? If so, would you like to tell us something about that?
There have been a lot of “convenience” type improvements in Solus Aurum. One of the biggest changes players will notice is a large increase in the drop rate of pet cards, making it easier to find the pet you want. Also, many buff spells have been changed to be Area of Effect, so you can buff your whole party with just one cast. We’ve also added new teleporter locations, some UI improvements, and made many high level monsters more interesting to fight.


Rappelz Town


OnRPG: How can players access the flea market? And how does the inclusion of the flea market change the way of selling and buying in Rappelz? Is it just a new location where everyone can easily go to or is there more to it than meets the eye?
The Flea Market can be accessed from any city. Players can go there and set up their own personal shops to buy or sell items, and all the important merchants and the Auction House are there too. A central market might seem like a superficial addition on the surface, but it makes commerce much easier. It also makes the cities much more pleasant to navigate and more usable for quests and other activities.


OnRPG: Will there be a skill, or class reset with the release of Epic VI?
No, there was no class or skill reset.


OnRPG: What can we do with decorative pets? Could you tell us a bit more about that? They will auto-loot for you?
Decorative pets have utility in their ability to automatically pick up items for you. Mostly they just follow you around looking cool or cute and collect loot for you. We are considering adding other functions to them over time, but we’re not ready to announce any specific plans for those yet.


Rappelz Combat


OnRPG: Can we expect to see more customization items in the cash shop coming soon? Could you give us a little more details about that?
Well, all of our decorative items are in the Item Shop for seasonal events! But beyond that, we have a couple more outfits like the Ninja and Viking costumes planned for the near future.


OnRPG: Is there a little detail that you can give us about content planned beyond Epic VI?
We’re constantly working on new content, though we unfortunately can’t announce anything specific at the moment.


Monsters in Rappelz


OnRPG: Any final words for our readers at onrpg.com?
The response we’ve gotten for Solus Aurum has been great, and we hope that more players will come and join us in Rappelz. We’ve got events running constantly throughout the holidays that anyone can hop in and enjoy!


OnRPG: Thank you for your time!  

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