Regnum Online Clan Interview: The Dark Legion

Regnum Online Clan Interview: The Dark Legion

Questions by Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalist

Answered by Wyatt, Clan Leader


Renum Online The Dark Legion


OnRPG: Hello and thank you for giving us the chance to talk with you guys. Can you give us an intro to your guild?

Wyatt: Thank you so much for having us here with you for the interview. The Dark Legion is a English speaking Clan on the International English server named Horus, we have members from all parts of the globe with different ethnic backgrounds and I believe that has been a rewarding experience, we all learn something new from each other everyday.!


OnRPG: What’s the “origin” story of your guild? How did you guys make the guild and how did it come to this?

Wyatt: Well we started out on the International server Ra at that time our Clan was smaller and still young but I knew where I wanted my Clan to go and how I wanted it to grow and mature to be a strong clan with good discipline and structure. Then  NGD Studios announced the opening of the English server Horus and we immediately packed our bags and moved here, it’s been home ever since! I believe we have all contributed to what the Clan is now today, its more than a Clan, it’s a in-game family.


OnRPG: Speaking of which, can you tell us how big your guild is right now? Are members active in the realm-to-realm battles in Regnum Online?

Our Clan is fairly active with about 151 members according to the Regnum Online ranking. Note: Those 151 members can include alternate characters of our Clan members, I myself have 6 characters inside the Clan of every sub-class. Our Clan is growing and is active on RvR efforts. RvR is one of the best things in Regnum and one of the key plots in the end-game so is a must to actively war with your Realm Mates and have fun!


Regnum John Sheppard


OnRPG: How can Regnum Online players join your guild? Do you have a strict recruitment process?

They must know the Clan personally for a long time and they have to be positive, mature and fun to play with and of course interact with. We have a strict recruitment process that you can read more in our Recruiting Forum.

We only invite members to the Clan, so far that’s the only way to join in.

You can read more about us in our official website:



OnRPG: Do you guys have a guild principle or motto? Or are you just in for the fun and camaraderie the game and your fellow guild mates provide?

We don’t have an official motto but we do have standards. There is an expectation that a clan member will be friendly and communicative. It is generally a happy-go-lucky atmosphere inside the clan. The Clan itself provides numerous activities to do inside the game together as a group! It’s really fun!


Regnum Online Wyatt


OnRPG: Have you guys met offline yet? Why or why not? Do you see yourselves meeting each other face to face sometime in the future?

Several members know each other in real life. Only reason that several members wouldn’t meet is because of the vast distances between us. But I do see myself probably meeting them in real life if the near or distant future! I will let destiny play its course :).

We have members from the USA, New Zealand, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Argentina, France, Germany, Austria and several other countries.

OnRPG: What drives you to keep on playing Regnum Online?

First and formost my Clan because without this Clan I wouldn’t be here in this game today. As the Clan Leader I can honestly say that they provide a great welcoming atmosphere for new and old players alike. Secondly, the Community in the game is awesome as well. NGD Studios really has a great game and they care about the community and interact with it! I believe that’s one of the reasons I and others still play this game and of course the fun is never ending!


OnRPG: What can you say is your guild’s biggest achievement in the game? What’s the story behind this achievement?

I would say that our Clan biggest achievement is that we have grown together as a group, as a family and we enjoy every bit of our time together online. I would say it has to be due to the clan internal atmosphere, it has made it what it is today and we just keep getting better and better. I have kept this family together, which is  truly a great achievement all together! Everyone contributes, new or old members alike, and that’s what keeps us moving! We keep improving as time passes!



Regnum Clan Interview


OnRPG: How do you handle conflicts in the guild? What’s the biggest problem you guys faced?

Not so long ago people joined the Clan and tried to cause internal conflicts within it, something we don’t like to deal with. We basically don’t like disrespectful attitude towards any race, religion or country or person. We believe everyone is equal and that how’s everyone should be treated be it in a game or in real life and we like to integrate that belief into our Clan structure.

We like to keep a cool atmosphere for all our members. We handle problems pretty well actually. We basically discuss it inside our Clan Forum and make ideas on how to fix it and we move on. We also discuss problems in our Clan Meetings, We believe that speaking about anything-clan is very important towards the progress of our Clan so we have several communication channels specifically for that purpose and more.


OnRPG: Who do you think is your guild’s biggest rival in the game? Why do say so?

Regnum Online is a RvR game so that involves fighting the 2 opposite Realms called Syrtis and Alsius, depends on the realm of your choosing, (The Dark Legion belongs to Ignis Realm on the English server Horus) so that basically our biggest rivals! We’re all fighting for a reason, for a cause and that makes the game even more exciting for everyone! The end-game is invading another realm and stealing their gems which in turn has a reward if the requirements are met by the realm in question, so all 3 realms are constantly fighting for that!

From what I have heard NGD Studios is gonna add Quests that you can only get inside enemy realm that has interesting rewards so that would be interesting and fun to see!



Regnum Wyatt And Goudic


OnRPG: What are the things you guys often do when you’re online? Do you have a schedule of things you need to do as a guild?

We schedule Events and do things together as a Clan! You would never see a Dark Legion member alone, we’re always doing something together as a group and of course with the Realm of Ignis.

We often war together as a group and do clan related events when they’re scheduled like: Killing Bosses, Arena Events, PvP, Clan Meetings,  leveling together and so on!


OnRPG: Before we part, can you give a few parting words to the readers of OnRPG?

Try Regnum Online! Its truly one of the best MMORPG with the best RvR action available for free! The Community is great! The Developers are communicative with their Community and the gameplay is awesome and always improving with each update! I just wish the Clan System was more improved 😛


Join Ignis Realm on Horus server, we could really use the numbers in war-efforts against Syrtis and Alsius Realm

Thank you for your time!

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