Samurai of Legend Review: So you have a stick….

Samurai of Legend Review: So you have a stick….
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


Usually Samurai’s are people who were trained since they were kids to wield a Katana and fight for what they think is the most important thing in their lives. In Samurai of Legend you are a once fearful peasant in a town that is being ravaged by thieves and the Yakuza. You are fed up with this kind of life so you take up arms and train yourself to become the lone hero that would defeat crime and evil using your acquired skill.


Your life, Your Quest

As part of your overall training in the ways of the blade. The game provides you three days of peaceful existence that is called as “gym days”, the gym days serves as the game’s newbie help as you would not be attacked within the span. The protection the game provides sets you up nicely into the whole world of Samurai of Legend. This three days protection is enough for you to learn the ropes so that your character can be of any use to you.


The Different Paths of the Samurai

Samurai of Legend allows you to have free will on how you manage your samurai. You can either become the Moral Samurai of Legend as you should be or become part of the dark side and be one of the primary criminals the land has in spades. As the game puts it, “there is no such thing as a pure samurai”. The option of becoming a criminal is a nice addition to the whole game because it gives you the control on how you want your samurai. The multiple paths you can take gives the game more color because you are not locked on the samurai cliché of honor and all those things.


Samurai Activities

Various Samurai Activities



Do I look good?

However, with the amount of substance the game has, there is a seemingly huge absence of any visual eye candy that you would normally see on other games. The only samurai image you get to see in the whole Samurai of Legend experience is the half-naked buff samurai on the home page and the small images you see in the whole interface.


The game relies heavily on its story-telling element. Do not be fooled though, the narratives you find in the game are quirky and you should not really expect a seamless story-action system. The game is more of a fun quirky look in the whole samurai culture and you controlling the reigns on your katana-wielding sissy turned tough guy.


Gamplay… Swish!

Samurai of Legend’s gameplay is anchored heavily on the stats and random events your character faces in its adventure. Your character grows through the different trainings you put it through. Your samurai has all the basic stats such as strength, agility, guard and labor. As in most gameplays that rely on stats, your style of gameplay is directly proportional to the stat growth of your character.


Samurai Training

Further Samurai Training Lessons


Energy, brave and whatnot

Samurai of Legend has a unique action system that is exclusive to the game. Usually when a character acts in a browser game, there are specific points that determine the amount of actions you can do. The thing is that, everything from training to acting in exploration are linked to only one action point system, whereas in Samurai of Legend you have two.


The two action point systems Samurai of Legend has is the Energy and Bravery. Energy determines how many times you can go train in the gym and attack meanwhile bravery is the action point that is used whenever you want to do a crime. The good thing about having two separate action systems is that you can do more while you are logged into the game. The offside of this is that maybe you want your character to be clean and would not want to delve into crime that could land you in jail.


School is not for wimps

Samurai of Legend has a school system included into the game. Schools (like in real life) serve as your Samurai’s training ground on the necessities in life. If your samurai is enrolled into a school, your samurai grows gradually. The thing about schools is that the tuition can be quite hefty especially in later levels. Also school training takes time however they are worth it once you get to finish a training course.


Jobs R us

Of course, being a Samurai is not really a lucrative job when you are just starting, you do not have enough skills or even daring to be able to beat most guys therefore the alternative for you to earn that cold hard cash you need to enhance yourself you can do jobs. Jobs serve as an alternative income earner that can provide the starting help you would need as you establish yourself in the game.



Samurai of Legend is a game that has a lot to offer players. However it does have its shortcomings such as the lack of images even on the simplest of things. Samurai of Legends has in fact the least amount of images I’ve seen in a browser based game. However the lack of imagery is just a minor speck of dirt if you would look at the game in its entirety. The game has a lot of features that offers you enough encouragement and gusto so that you would come back again and again. For a game that is based heavily on narratives it is quite a feat. The amount of players also subscribed to the game is a sign that the game is doing something people like. If you are looking for a browser game that smells of samurai essence with a splash of the quirkiness then Samurai of Legend is the browser game just for you


– The game is easy to pick up and play
– The interface is bright and easy on the eyes
– The game informs you of things you’ve missed.


– There is a lack of imagery in the whole interface
– The text fonts are a little small and you would either need to squint or come near the monitor to read it properly
– Some buttons do not show when you play the game on different browsers. 

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  • Don’t play this game. It scams donators.

  • Rich

    This is probably the biggest waste of a game on the internet. Poorly designed, no animation, nothing but walls of text and repetitive clicking. Don’t waste time here.

  • Some1thtwastd3yrsonthisposgame

    Its boring, not fun. Is dying and nobody is really playing it. Better off looking elsewhere because that ship is sinking

  • Hyoka

    Easily one of the worst text-based rpgs out there.
    Between the hostile player environment to the fraternity of chuckling veteran players that went from players to owning the site to the broken rules and worthless mods… this game is utterly pointless.
    No one will answer your reports unless you’re a donator, which is ALSO a broken system because they scam anyone that donates and then give no refunds despite the site clearly saying there has been an error. That has happened to hundreds of people.
    Harassing other players (going to their profiles and mocking them, insulting them and rubbing their own losses in their faces with laughter) is not only ALLOWED, it’s ENCOURAGED because it “keeps everyone competitive”.
    Oh, and cussing isn’t allowed anywhere because “children play this game”.

    Somes the entire site up.