SEGA Celebrates Release of SEGA Genesis Classics with Speedrunning Tournaments

SEGA Genesis Classics_20180307190131

The SEGA Genesis Classics Collection is coming soon, and SEGA is kicking off the festivities with two must-see events. There will be a full six days of live-streamed Genesis action from a Mixer-exclusive tournament and launch celebration. Competing head to head in some of the most well-known SEGA Genesis games of all time (Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua Fighter, Golden Axe and more) and broadcast live from the Microsoft Flagship Store in New York City.  The Mixer-exclusive stream begins at 3 pm EDT on Thursday, May 24th and will feature Outside Xbox and a host of other well-known gaming personalities. If that weren’t enough, on the speedgaming Twitch channel there will be a five-day speedrunning tournament across nine classic SEGA Genesis classics! It begins on Friday, May 25th at 5 pm EDT.

As if that wasn’t enough, closing out the celebrations on Tuesday will be a bonus Mirror Mode speedrunning competition – because who doesn’t want to see some of the fastest gamers in the world going fast the wrong way ’round?

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