SilkRoad Interview: Inside Legend 7 Changes!

Silkroad Online Legend 7 Interview

by Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Journalist


At last, a new update from Silkroad Online! We’ve been waiting for this for quite a while and when we heard, we set up an interview with the developers!


Silk Road Legend 7 Preview


Why did you get rid of the Merchant class? Isn’t it going to cause balance problems?


There will be no balance problem between jobs, even with the update. Before the Legend 7 update, the Trade Triangular Conflict was 2:1 (Trader & Hunter VS Thief). So, the conflict condition was not fair to the Thief, but at least rewards for the Thief were very good.


If the Traders and Hunters chose not to engaged in trade, then the Thief could not play its role due to the lack of trade activities. All in all, the contents of the Trade Triangular Conflict have been inactive in-game due to this.

Against this backdrop, we have reorganized the system to encourage users to play the ‘Trade’ system, and to vitalize the Job Conflict system. For this, we have changed the 2:1 conflict to 1:1 by deleting the job, Trader, to allow both Hunter and Thief to serve time as Traders.

Furthermore, to allow users to save time on Trade, we have developed the Consignment Trading system. With this system, users can enjoy the advantages of Trade without direct trade activities. Consignment Trading makes trade faster with equal conditions for both Hunter and Thief.



What about the new exclusive skills? What are their differences? How do these affect the general game play?


Exclusive job skills are specialized job activities which are different from the existing skills. By using the exclusive job skills, users can save time required for trade activities and play job PVP with more excitement. For this reason, exclusive skills do not influence normal PVP and other activities except job-related activities.



What can you tells us about the new conflict system? Since there will be no merchants, what happens to rest of the jobs? Who is going to be change with Hunter vs. Thief conflict system?


The concept for the ‘Trade and Triangular conflict system’ for Legend 7 is ‘equal condition’ and ‘constant conflict’.

A final goal for both Hunter and Thief is to obtain job items so that the conflict of both sides is inevitable. To make the conflict fair, we have focused on the balance of the two jobs as described above. We were really looking forward to this brand new Craft System. Please, give us some information about this system.



What new items and features are being introduced in Legend 7? How much of an impact are they going to have?


Until Legend 6, socket stones have been an item for high level players only. But with the draft system update via Legend 7, low level players can now also use it. In addition to that, items like Battering rams and Catapults designed for Fortress War can also be available in the crafting system. And users can also craft Job equipment with the materials obtained through job and trade activities. In particular, users can wear job equipment together with basic equipment. Once the items are combined with Alchemy and reinforcement, users can have upgraded powerful characters.


Silk Road Legend 7 Preview


About Fortress War; why did you create these anti-castle machines? Were Battering rams and Catapults necessary? What do you think about these machines? Are they easy to control?


Before Legend 7, the target of the Fortress war was the castle, and some users complained about the simple game play of the Fortress War. We’ve come up with the Battering ram and Catapults to make it more fun. In terms of balance, defenders have the advantage . That’s why the idea of Battering rams and Catapults was implemented, to recover the balance. With the update of Battering ram and Catapults, more dynamic Fortress war is expected as the defenders face opposition with tools enabling much more aggressive offensive pushes.



As a player, how we going to increase our rank degree? And when we increase it, what kind of benefits will be waiting for us?


You can raise your rank through PK. You need to maintain a job condition. Points can be earned differently according to your opponents level and you can level up when the accumulated points reach certain requirements for the next level.
To prevent abusing game play, users can get points from up to three instances of PK within an hour. Players can choose to get involved with more than 3 instances of Pk within an hour, but will receive no tangible benefits after the third round. With the rise in rank, users can get additional stats (power and intelligence), but it is not a big advantage. Rank is intended as nothing more than a mark of honor, and Rank titles will be displayed in front of your job name like ‘Expert Bandit *Runy’.


A big thank you from OnRPG to Silk Road’s developers for providing us with this indepth look at the upcoming changes in Silk Road Legend 7!


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