Space Rangers Legacy Available on iOS and Android

Space Rangers Legacy

It’s time to destroy the cybernetic fleet and save the Universe! Space Rangers Legacy, the legendary series has come to mobile and tablet, where it’s your job to help the Coalition oppose the cybernetic Dominators, who aim to conquer all galaxies – one-star system after another. While players explore the game, the star systems undergo changes of power, even the quest objectives might change or even perish in this sandbox-style game. Each playthrough promises to be unique as you meet new races, work on planetary research, and do battle with space pirates.

Compared to the earlier iPad-only version this release features multiple changes following the voice of community:

  • Fully re-done “Tutorial”
  • Enhanced graphics, additional SFX added;
  • Developed new expanded and user-friendly interface, adapted for modern mobile platforms;
  • Improved auto-attack
  • The game has been optimized and cleaned off multiple minor bugs


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