Special Force Interview: New Content Announced!

Special Force Interview: New Content Announced!


Special Force is a free to play FPS. This game offers a lot for fans of first person shooters with features such as the unique captain mode and being part of the WCG. Special Force is the Singapore version of Soldier Front. This game has a great team that tries its best to improve the game and community.


This interview is focused around some of the new updates that have been added since my tour of this game. Michael Choi is here with us to answer our questions!


For the full review please check out the tour.


OnRPG: Hello! Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi! This is Michael Choi again, aka MGR Sniper in-game.


OnRPG: A lot of new content has been released since my tour of the game. How is the game going?

There were improvements and additions all around, bringing exciting times to players. And by the time of this interview’s publishing, there would probably be one or two more content updates already! Special Force is here for the long haul and will continue to grow. So, do catch up with us in the game.


OnRPG: MMO games always get new players each day. Is this game easy to get into for new players?

With our website and forum equipped with game introductions and guides/FAQs, along with our growing number of veteran players who are more than willing to help a newbie out, picking up the game is easier than expected. In addition, our friendly Game Masters are always open to our players’ questions and comments.


OnRPG: Do users that purchase cash shop items gain a clear advantage over free players?

In most areas they don’t, such as aesthetic differences, but in some areas they might, such as different guns. However, whether it is a clear advantage or not depends on the user and not just the item’s inherent qualities. Much thought has been put into the game balance during the planning stage to ensure you can’t just buy success, although you may look the coolest J


OnRPG: Special Force has released the SOF force which is unique to the game. How did this force come to be how it is now? Is the story based off anything or is it fully fictional?

The Special Operations Force, or SOF in short, is unique because it is based on Singapore’s real life special force! It is rare that Singapore or a Singapore-related issue is given any limelight from a foreign-developed game. Nonetheless, we wanted to localize the game to the region making it more relevant for the local gamers, hence, the SOF character and very recently, Malaysia’s PASKAL Character Skin was developed and released.


OnRPG: How does the clan system work in Special Force? What are the requirements to create your own clan?

Our Clan System is pretty straightforward and easy to use. A potential Clan Leader, of Staff Sergeant rank, creates a clan via our website, including name and emblem after which he simply clicks on the “Accept” button on our Clan Page whenever a player wishes to become a member.

OnRPG: What is being done to work with and improve the community in this game?

We are looking toward more offline events for the community in the near future. This means more internet café parties, roadshows, and live competitions, in Singapore and Malaysia!

OnRPG:  This game has signed an agreement with the World Cyber Games. This is great news because the game is free and anyone can join in! How is the competitive side of Special Force going?

Even before we got involved with the World Cyber Games, we already have an annual global competition called the Special Force World Championship. Representatives from countries where our game is published such as the USA, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand and Korea, come together in one location to duke it out. This year the event was hosted by Korea and the hosts emerged as winners too. Check out the competitive matches at our Youtube channel!


OnRPG: There is a new horror mode in this game.  How does this mode work and will it remain in the game forever?

Our Horror Mode stands out starkly from all other games’ modes that feature zombies. Starting from the basics, random player(s) will be turned into zombie(s) after a 10 second countdown, after which the zombie will need to infect all human players by killing them with close-range strikes. After being zombified, there are not one, but THREE different types of zombies you could play as, and each zombie has a special skill the player can take advantage of to gain victory. While humans can use guns and attack from far range, they may not necessarily have enough ammunition to take down the sturdy host zombies, outrun the leaping male zombies, or survive a powerful explosion from the female zombies. What do humans need to survive? Teamwork, of course!


As I know it, this extremely fun mode is here to stay.


OnRPG: SF has gone through a graphics update. Did this update only change the GUI or did it affect the in game graphics as well? What were some of the changes and how will this affect the game?

Our graphics update was done in two parts, with supposedly a third part coming in the future! We improved our GUI to a more up-to-date design and layout, and in-game graphics that make our weapons looking even more realistic than it already was!


OnRPG: How are new ideas for updates brainstormed? Are suggestions and input from the community taken into consideration?

There are many factors that we take into consideration when deciding on what updates to release. Having a good amount of developed content over the past 6 years is an advantage for us, however, balance and timing is the key.


Balance, in gameplay such as type of guns, maps and economy, and Timing, such as release intervals, seasonal and considerations are simply put a few of the salient factors going into each decision. As many of our current players have been playing Special Force previously, we are also balancing the need for ‘new’ content for them and the others.

OnRPG:  Can we get a sneak peek on any upcoming updates?

Fortunately, we have already pre-empted this request! We have posted a schedule of releases till the end of the year dropping some teasers. Check it out J


Special Force SASR Red Famas

Thanks to Erique and DFIGames for providing us with some exclusive information about the new red FAMAS. This weapon is scheduled to be released around Dec. 9. It will be a limited time item, get it while you can!


OnRPG: Thank you for your time!

Thank you and OnRPG for having us!


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