Star Wars The Old Republic: Journey of a Sith

Star Wars The Old Republic: Journey of A Sith Inquisitor

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist


(Editors Note: This column contains spoilers for the Sith Inquisitor storyline)


The Wait is Finally Over.

Finally the wait was over and early access was live, and since I preordered in the first few days I was hoping to get in on day 1. Unfortunately since I wasn’t the only one preordering SWTOR when it became available I got my access the second day of the early access which was still ahead of a lot of players. Since I have played the game in beta I knew what I wanted to make when the game was ready for launch. I started my first character as a Sith Inquisitor which ended up being one of the most popular classes. I made the character characteristics the same as I have been using in the beta which was basically very similar to Darth Maul, known from the Star Wars films. After landing my shuttle on the first planet Korriban I saw I wasn’t the only one with the idea of making the same looks as Darth Maul. I should have anticipated this, but rather than remake my character I just made a mental note to pick up a hoody and mask to cover my face later.


‘I was a slave’


Since I like playing the bad boy I decided to go for the cocky answers in conversations to build my character personality to my liking. I also decided to fully go for the Dark Side points because I liked the idea of characteristic detailed changes when going far into to the dark side (this however I soon came to regret when my Darth Maul turned pink themed…). As a slave I had to do everything that my new master Overseer Harkun required and wanted of me, unfortunately he already had a favorite student called Ffon Althe and he saw the rest of us pupils as useless scum and treated us like such. It didn’t take long to notice that my new Master liked to pick on me and tried everything to annoy me by sending me on stupid missions. Since I was a slave and still required much training with the force I decided to obey and do as my new master commanded. There were around 10 pupils there with me in the room when I got my first real mission, and we were told that our performance would determine who among us would be selected as the apprentice of the almighty Lord Zash.



After doing a couple of missions and growing more with the natural feel of the force I noticed my powers were becoming noticeably stronger. Meanwhile my fellow pupils had to stop the training or were simply killed by my new master as he pushed us to our limits to find the best among us. After a while only a small group of us was left, and unfortunately the teacher’s pet was still in the running. Thankfully my performance in a few near impossible missions had focused the eyes of Lord Zash solely on me. She quickly found out about the competition between me and Overseer Harkun’s favorite and began to take subtle steps to improve my odds.



Everyone should know that MMORPGs tend to have boring quests that require you to kill an x amount of monsters in order to complete the quest or to gather around some objects for the quest giver. In SWTOR however there are a lot of different quests that feel much more unique. For example I had been given a quest to interrogate a person and had to make him tell me who committed some crime the Inquisitors weren’t so fond off. I was instructed to squeeze this information from them at any cost and could use all my abilities if needed. So as evil as I decided to be I immediately decided to start off with a bang! After unleashing a lot of force lightning on my victim I got him to tell me the person who did the crime. Honestly intimidation tactics always work well for villains.



After completing all of the quests on Korriban it was time to do the final trial which was to retrieve an ancient map in a tomb untouched by civilization in a thousand of years. There could only be one winner… only one survivor. Since this was the battle between me and Ffon I felt pumped to defeat him. Unfortunately Overseer Harkun, as big of an ass he was, already sent Ffon on this mission ahead of me so I had no time to lose until… Lord Zash came in and gave me some precious advice that would benefit me greatly.



After finishing the last trial, freeing a Dashade named Khem Val, and seeing Ffon Althe fall to the ground, I left the tomb with a satisfied grin on my face. I had progressed further than I ever imagined and was rewarded with Lord Vash’s old Lightsaber that she was given as an apprentice! She told me to meet her in her chambers in the capital of the Sith Empire in Kaas City which was located on Dromund Kaas. Oh, and I could keep Khem Val as my first companion which would help me a lot with crew skills and tanking monsters.



Upon arriving in Dromund Kaas I first had to take a shuttle to the Imperial Fleet where I could pick an advanced class. Since my goal was to get an assassin all along I didn’t hesitate when offering my decision. After equipping my new dual bladed lightsaber and skills I hopped on the next shuttle to Dromund Kaas. I had the choice to go with a normal shuttle or with the Black Talon. The only difference was that it would go faster with the Black Talon but it required a party since it was the first flashpoint that I could do. I decided to do my first flashpoint gathered around the entrance with a few other players ready to board the Black Talon…



Thanks for reading part 1 of my Star Wars the Old Republic column! Can’t handle the suspense? I’ll be back this time next week to continue the tale in the world of The Old Republic.

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