Tactical Monsters Coming Soon to Xbox One

Tactical Monsters Game Profile Banner
Camex has announced today that their tactical strategy game, Tactical Monsters will be coming soon to the Xbox One. In addition to bringing all of the legendary monsters and tactical gameplay, as well as DLC content fans, are familiar with, it will also offer Cross Play for people no matter what platform they are on.

Tactical Monsters has been well received by PC and mobile players, and we are excited to bring the quick strategic depth of the game to Xbox One,” said Michael Tseng, COO of Camex Games. “With over 1.5 million downloads and the new cross play capabilities, gamers will have even more opponents to challenge around the world whether they play on PC, mobile devices, or the Xbox One.”

Tactical Monsters features include:

  • Collect Unique Monsters – Battle through Adventure Mode to recruit unique monster cards and build an unstoppable army.
  • Train and Bring the Pain! – Gain experience in a variety of modes and level up your monsters to unlock ridiculous powers and destructive skills.
  • Survival Mode – Take on the Guerrilla Warfare Mode and run the gauntlet against a lineup of never-ending BOSSES.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Sharpen your tactics and perfect your new monsters’ abilities by visiting Training Grounds.
  • Online Multiplayer – with more than half a million matches taking place every day, there’s always someone to battle in real-time live PvP as you fight to be the best in the world!
  • Tenacious D – Set your optimal defense formations and layouts inMine Defense.
  • Be Part of the Community – Ally with your clan mates to chat strategy, to share cards and be the #1 clan in your country.
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