TERA: For the Federation S3 Ep1 – Home Coming

TERA: For the Federation S3 Ep1 – Home Coming

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief




Hey welcome back to season 3 of my ongoing TERA fanfic! For those not in the know I’ll lay out a brief profile of the main characters to fill you in, though feel free to check out our OnRPG TERA profile’s article list to find the full story.



The Federation:



Race: Popori (rabbit subspecies)

Occupation: Lancer

Once a studious bookworm, his life was forever transformed by a Federation program that forced him to live with Pora Elinu’s Legendary Popori Rabbit Lancer, Surmun. When Surmun and their assigned Elin sister Wulynn went missing at the Island of Dawn expedition, Dizzy outcast himself from his position as the Elin Queen’s page and set out to save his family; setting in motion the cog of which our story revolves around.


Wodin (Alias – Platy)

Race: Popori (raccoon subspecies)

Occupation: Mystic

A poor Popori Raccoon with a drive to discover the unknown, he joined the Federation with the hopes to earn enough money to fund his admission to the Pora Elinu Witches College. However he was declared a traitor by the Federation when he abandoned his doomed squadron in Argonia and now lives under the protection of Dizzy’s declared Queen’s Law. Having resurrected Dizzy from the dead, they share a mutual bond of survival.



Race: Elf

Occupation: Slayer/Warrior; Former General of Elven Empire

Once a vicious killer for the Elven Empire, he now seeks to make amends for his violent past by fighting the Argon menace for the Federation. Charged with the leadership of the Island of Dawn expedition, he was nearly assassinated in a ploy by the Scions of Lok to use the power of the island to resurrect their dark god. He sets Dizzy on the path that lead to the death of Samael and exposure of the Scion’s conspiracy to overthrow Velika.


Dougal and Seir

Race: Human

Occupation: Lancers; Commanders of Velika’s Valkyon Forces

Commanders of the Valkyon Federation and human capital of Velika, their word carries great weight throughout Arborea. Having discovered Samael’s betrayal, they declared Dizzy the Guardian of Velika and now seek to use him as an instrument to bring down the Cult of Lok once and for all.



The Argons:


Shandra Manaya (The Argon Queen)

Race: Unknown

Occupation: Overlord

Little is known about the Shandra Manaya other than she seems to be one of the few independent thinking Argons. She commands the invasion of Arborea and is responsible for the kidnapping of Wulynn and death of Dizzy. Though Platy’s Mystical Vow of Rebirth prevented his mind from being lost into the Dream.



Race: Popori-Argon Hybrid (too deformed to identify subspecies)

Occupation: Unknown;

Wulynn’s captor and mentor. He intends to turn her into a fierce Argon hybrid killing machine, openly telling her his harsh training is required for her survival, though secretly using her to torture the mind of Dizzy for unknown reasons.



Race: Elin (fox subspecies)

Occupation: Priest

The reincarnation of the Elin Goddess Elinu said to appear once every millennia, Wulynn is easily spotted in a crowd due to her vacant stare and three bright fox tails. Though a scholar in nature, she recently was forced to kill a human in cold blood after being starved by Gemie for nearly a week. Her belief in Dizzy rescuing her has begun to fade as Gemie continues to fill her mind with false truths.



The Scions of Lok:



Race: Human

Occupation: Berserker; Ex-General of Valkyon Forces

Deceased. Head of a conspiracy to overthrow Velika and resurrect Lok. Slain by the joint efforts of Dizzy and Dougal at the battle of Gid. Even at his dying breath he vowed he would return to seek vengeance against the Federation, believing his goal of resurrecting the dark god was vital to overcome the Argon menace.



Race: Castanic

Occupation: Priest; Head Cultist

A castanic that fooled Platy and Dizzy at the Island of Dawn. She holds within her possession the Lance of Gid, a mythical object said to have the catalytic power to bring a god back to life. With Samael out of the way she is the only identified unifier of the Cult of Lok, placing her top of the Federation’s Most Wanted List. Her whereabouts are unknown following the Battle of Gid.


Mysterious Man

Race: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

An aged being that appeared at the Battle of Gid with the seeming power to bend space and time to his will. He seems to be vital to Akia’s plan to resurrect Lok and has shown signs of maybe even being the mastermind of the entire conspiracy. He mistakenly infused Dizzy with power wishing to recruit him following Dizzy’s defeat of his former spy Stadrian.


S3 Ep1 – Home Coming



Despite my unexpected collapse at the ceremony, the Velika party managed to rage on for 3 entire days. I suppose the people deserved the right to such an event, having learned that their Goddess Velik was 1) Not Dead and 2) Actively Protecting the City. Still I looked on from my hospital window longingly, remembering the annual festival of flowers that I had attended with the Queen every year except the previous as our Queen had gone into meditation, claiming it unfitting of a leader to celebrate while our allies’ homes burn. I glanced over at the wall and realized the time of the festival was fast approaching. Perhaps on the anniversary of her seclusion she would return!


I jumped to my feet with joy and began gathering up my equipment in a frenzy. The Pegasus platform was closed for scheduled maintenance but if we snagged some horses from Valkyon command and left today we could easily arrive at Pora Elinu two days prior to the event. I giddily ran over to the door, placed my hand on the nob to turn, and, to my surprise, found the door opening in instead of out at a rapid pace.



Two massive Baraka far larger than any I had previously met in my ventures crashed into the room, one stumbling over the other resulting in furniture flying everywhere as their titanic bodies filled the room. They wore strange helms, one black and one white, that mirrored each other, making their features impossible to tell apart beyond the distinctly different armor and weapons.


I was smashed between the doorway and the hospital dresser as the chaos of two turtles stuck on their backs unfolded before me. I slowly crept between their outstretched legs and open door, hoping to make a clean getaway from whatever reason they had come looking for me. Unfortunately a mean spirited short little Elin stood firm in the doorway, her right fist pushed slightly against her waist as she spread her legs as wide as she could within the frame to create a living wall. Her squirrel tail swung back and forth in anticipation of my next move as her ears twitched at the slightest sounds.



She pointed a finger straight at me, saying nothing until I went to make a move. At which she flicked her finger, hitting my sensitive nose and causing me to stumble backwards into the mesh of Baraka flesh behind me struggling to regain their balance. In the end I managed to pull myself from the pile and turn to see two Baraka standing a head taller than the door, one with double-edged swords the size of my body gleaming in the sunlight, the other hoisting a battle-axe that could easily have passed for a small tree in the Queen’s garden. A whoosh of tanned light streaked over my hand as the unknown Elin landed agilely on the shoulder of the warrior baraka, her entire body not even on par in size with the Baraka’s chest. She continued to point at me without blinking.



“Um… well this is awkward.” I finally spoke up.



“Hand over your lance and no one gets hurt!” The Elin countered as if she had been holding her breath waiting for me to speak.



“My lance…? This is my Master Surmun’s famous Basilisk Spine lance!” I shouted over her.



“This is a direct command from the Mysterium!” She replied with a loud shrill voice that caused my ears to pull back in pain.



“Look I don’t know what the Mysterium is, or who you are, but this lance isn’t leaving my side.” Our showdown continued until the wild Elin lifted her hand to my face, her eyes wide and focused.



“We’re already late. Valrus, Barack, take him!” Her flat palm waved around her face slowly as she posed while saying it. I could already tell I was dealing with two of the dumbest Barakas I have ever encountered but something seemed a tad bit off with this Elin as well.



“Can’t do it boss.”

“Sorry no good boss.”



“What?! He’s alone right in front of us with no where to go.” Their bewildered leader was turning beat red with impatience.



“Not going to work. We’re stuck boss.”

“Get some butter or grease boss? We’re shoulder to shoulder and stuck against the walls of this tiny room.”



Suddenly I felt a rush between my feet as I looked down to see a small black dog whiz by. Despite its diminutive size it flew through the air and crashed straight into the Elin leader, knocking her from Valrus’ shoulder. She kicked as the dog pressed its thin spearlike legs against her chest, and then suddenly was hit by a stroke of ADD and began barking out the window.



“Boss Kitlyn didn’t feed that dog again.” Barack shook his head in embarrassment.

“Told you that Cassie of yours was going to cause trouble Kitlyn. Should leave her at home next time.” Valrus joined in Barack’s head shaking in perfect unison.



Hearing Platy’s distinct voice down the hallway I decided to slam the door shut and make a run from the three stooges that stood before me. To my surprise he held a saddle in his hands.



“A saddle? What’s happening?” I questioned the chubby raccoon.



“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.. thinking about death. My death. And what I want out of life. And what I decided is I always wanted to see the Witches College of Pora Elinu during the flower festival.”



A grin filled my countenance as I realized Platy had been one step ahead of me and already made the arrangements. Suddenly the sound of metal on marble exploded behind us as the door to my hospital room fell over, with two clumsy Baraka and one angry Elin slamming into the floor along with it.



“Friends of yours?” Platy wondered aloud.



“Something like that… You packed up? Let’s get out of here asap.” I grabbed my saddle from Platy and made a hurried run for the door with Platy close on my heels. A rush of Federation guards blocked the path behind us in confusion, buying the time we needed to reach the stables and make a getaway from the Mysterium Agents hot our tail.



Half a day later we were rounding the northern edge of Velika and crossing into the dark and foreboding uncharted woods known only as the Velika Wildlands, as Baldur’s eye set behind the nearby mountains.



“It’s quiet Platy. Do you sense anything?”



“Nothing. Should I?”



“We’re deep inside Popori territory already. I would have expected at least one prankster to try to give our horses a fright by now.”



“That’s true. My brothers in Popolion can usually smell a noble rabbit like yourself coming from miles away. Something is amiss.”



Almost on que the nearby bushes began to rustle as an unseen figure rushed through them to get ahead of us. Platy and I turned to each other exchanging worried glances. The Elin Queen used to love telling stories of the Velika Wilds that would make my fur stand when I was a wee bun. Imagery was now rushing back to me and I couldn’t help but feel my mood plummet.



“You’re the one with the shield Dizzy. Go check it out! Probably just some imps or at worst a hyena.”



“Ok watch my back.” I dismounted my steed and anxiously edged closer to the bush. The rustling came to a sudden stop as the creature within realized its position had been compromised. I unsheathed my lance and pressed forward into the bush expected the sharp spines to push out anything large that might be laying in wait for me. A burst of movement knocked me on my ass as a small family of  parrots and one rabbit scattered from the bush in all directions. After the initial shock settled I turned with a relieved grin to Platy, only to immediately be faced with a sight of pure horror.



“You don’t look so good Dizzy. What’s wrong?” Platy questioned.



Without wasting time, I withdrew my lance and charged at Platy as fast as I could run. Gripping his shoulder with my free right paw, I rolled over top of him, throwing my heavily armored body against a corruption of a Popori, crushing an arm and leg and leaving it rolling on the ground helplessly from my assault.



“What the hell is that thing?!” Platy screamed. His voice echoing through the woods and returning with the sound of groans and movement in the bushes all around us.



“Oh no…” I was at a loss for words as the forest was suddenly alive.. or perhaps dead.. with a line of what I can only describe as Zompori. Mostly disfigured pieces of Popori carrying pitch forks and shovels lumbered towards us in all directions. I released my lance in preparation for battle and crouched into a stance as an unusual weight suddenly fell upon my back.



“Got you…” The words chilled my spine to subzero levels as I momentarily froze, imagining the horror that was latched onto my back, ready to pierce its fangs straight into my exposed neck.. or worse.. my massive ears. I spun quickly only to fling the Cat Elin from the Mysterium off my back, knocking her unconscious as she landed head-first on the cold forest floor.



“Dizzy we can’t fight this many alone. We need to make a run for Popolion and get answers. For all we know whatever caused this corruption is contagious!” Platy ran for the horses as I glanced around quickly trying to decipher where her useless Baraka accomplices were.



“Dizzy now!” I was brought back to reality to spot Platy saddled up and waiting in a sunny clearing not more than forty yards away.



I made an initial step to move as the soft sound of the Elin’s whimper reached my ears. I wasn’t the only one to have heard as the lumbering zopori seemed to smell the blood oozing from the rim of her eyebrow. Their lumbering suddenly quickened to a sprint as the less mutilated of the bunch made a mad sprint for the downed archer.



The first to arrive found its teeth broken in half as I smashed my shield into its skull. I hinged my shield to the back of my armor as I threw her small body over my left shoulder and extended my lance outward, slicing the skull of a second approaching zompori in half. I dashed as fast as my legs would carry, being driven by the sounds of narrow misses and gnashing teeth just behind me. Platy shook his head as I arrived in the clearing and began saddling my horse.



“First Wulynn and now her. Always a sucker for a pretty face aren’t you?” He smirked, the tension of the situation immediately lightened by Platy’s cheerful yet sarcastic attitude. Our horses didn’t even require a nudge, as they both took off in a mad sprint towards Popolion. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the two dimwitted Baraka wander into the zombie filled passageway calling out for Kitlyn. I wished them well as the swarm immediately turned to face the over-sized intruders.



Looking ahead a dark cloud hung over the normally sunny landscape of Popolion’s farm lands.



“Zombie Popori in the heart of Poporia? How has news not reached Velika yet?” I asked Platy, more so to make conversation than expect a solution.



“The Pegasus Portal is down for maintenance. The Chebika mountain range is nearly impassible to the south. Pora Elinu would need to send a messenger through the Wilds by horseback to get help from Commander Seir.” As he uttered these words, we passed a slain Popori Husky, or at least what was left of him, his bones nearly picked clean of meat.



Across his chest on a sling rested a white envelop marked with the seal of Popolion’s governor. I heeled my horse and then pulled the letter from his sling. The writing was scribbled in panic and barely legible to any not familiar with Popori scratchings. It contained incomplete sentences broken apart by line-breaks that became more illegible the further I read into it.



“To the Federation –

Popolion invaded

Vampires have turned

Virus outbreak threatens city

Defenses failing, food supply running out

Contact with Pora Elinu lost

Send help, time is running out”



A spot of blood covered the author’s signature and the remaining message seemed torn off as if by animals. I looked back at Platy and the dazed semi-conscious Elin resting on my horse.



“Should we return to deliver the letter to Seir?” Platy questioned, looking for leadership.



“No. We are the Federation now. We’ve faced the power of a god and lived. I’d never forgive myself if our home burned while we turned tail to seek help.”



“Then Popolion awaits. What a home coming this will be.. Hope I don’t have to blow off any heads I recognize.” Platy kicked his spurs as his horse took off in a sprint towards the dark town on the horizon. I hopped back onto my horse as Kitlyn unconsciously wrapped her arms around me for balance. I couldn’t help but blush as my horse disappeared as well down the steep barren slope.

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