Top 10 Awesome Stuff to Increase Your Gaming Zen

Top 10 “AWESOME stuff” to Increase Your Gaming Zen
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Tired of playing your favorite MMO games in a dull and swamped up surface? Well, here’s a lot of stuff that would enhance your gaming abilities. No I’m not talking about your skill, but if proper gaming zen makes you function well on the battlefield, then maybe it’s that important after all (O.O). Anyway, here’s a list of stuff that’s sure to enhance your gaming zen.

Awesome item Number 10: The figurine

Any collectible that has to do with your favorite MMO will greatly enhance your gaming zen. Perhaps it’s the feeling of actually owning something that resembles the game that increases your power level. I for one have an Illidan (World of Warcraft) action figure next to my PC. Since I have an undead warlock (demonology to be exact), seeing Illidan would often boost my enthusiasm whenever I go on raids or fight enemy players. Activating Metamorphosis (or Demonic transformation) on a given time (namely: when my mp3 music reaches a climactic pitch) gives me goosebumps all over. It may seem rather fanboyish or geeky, but the main fact that you’re playing the game for countless hours make you geeky enough to begin with (so why not take it to the next level?).


Note: if you don’t have a figurine, an AWESOME gaming mug would do.


Awesome item Number 9: The fridge

Fridge full of FoodEver had the feeling when you’re just too tired to play but still kept playing otherwise? Having the fridge next to you may greatly enhance your gaming Zen. Much like studying, you can’t play on an empty stomach, and there’s no better way to grab a snack than to simply reach over to the right (or left) and grab one. If getting a fridge is too expensive for you, then perhaps a small cooler (with tons of ice) should do. Why the cooler? That’s simple… Beer! (And lots of it) Nothing beats the burning sensation of having to drag your character while gulping down a large quantity of beer through your (insert game title here) mug (well, at least if you picked the second option for item number 10).


Note: allergic to alcohol? Soda will do, or any liquid concoction that suits you best. Chocomilk + gin tonic on a raid, anyone?


Awesome item Number 8: The Fan

Remember those days when you start feeling the effects of your character having to walk through the desert? No sir! That’s not nextgen technology! It’s friggin hot and you might want to consider getting a fan. USB fans are quite famous nowadays as it sits comfortably right in front of your desk, letting you feel the game’s tropical breeze aside from the badlands’ humidity.


Note: When smoking, you might want to consider pointing the fan somewhere else (you wouldn’t want ash in your face, trust me). And if the heat is just too much, consider turning on the air conditioner.


Awesome item Number 7: The speakers

Other than intense visuals, nothing takes you deeper into the game than the explosions that manifest in your own rig. There are tons of awesome speakers out there, and you don’t even need to buy the expensive ones to enjoy a game’s 5.1 goodness.


Note: drawback includes parental nagging “IT’S TOO LOUD!”


Awesome item Number 6: The gaming mousepad

Although this item is cheaper than the rest, most gamers actually hate using generic Gaming Mousepadmousepads. Try getting a decent one and a game-signatured one at that. I’m sure these mousepads are easy to find and you don’t really need to storm Ebay for another overpriced auction. Aside from in game visuals, nothing beats the EPIC JUSTICE of having to see an excellent rig (complete with gaming mousepad LOL)


Note: Razer Mousepads enhance both your gaming zen and gameplay. It’s not that expensive so GO AND BUY ONE!


Awesome item Number 5: The Kickarse monitor

Come on! Don’t tell me you’re contented with that measly 15″ piece of junk! There are a lot of good monitors out there. You’ll probably get an awesome 22″ deal for 200 bucks (or possibly cheaper)! The bigger your character, the better your gaming Zen. The visuals tend to be more immersive when you look at them through your kickarse monitor (trust me). Grab a couple of 3d glasses and you’re probably on your way to the matrix LOL.


Awesome item Number 4: Surround Headphones

Razer BarracudaRazer Barracuda? Turtlebeach? Skullies? Sometimes it gets too troublesome when you use your speaker’s actual potential. I don’t even think I need to tell you that because it’s given that all gamers receive complaints regarding their speaker volume all the time. Surround headphones would usually be more practical kickarse speakers. Yeah sure, they don’t make the earth shake, but at least they don’t make your neighbors do their form of earth shaking. It’s a bit more expensive than most speakers and probably cost 25$ more. Look on the bright side; at least you have an extra mic.


Note: Mics are important for MMO players due to the effective usage of teamspeak.


Awesome item Number 3: Your gaming keyboard

Whether it’s the Sidewinder X6 or the mighty Razer Tarantula, it’s not mystery how a real gaming keyboard can optimize both your in game performance and gaming Zen. Gaming keyboard tend to glow when you plug them, so that serves as extra points for your rig design as well. The keys are well placed so your hands won’t have to wander far in order to cast a spell. Another thing that makes this baby one hard mutha fluffa would be the macro keys. I’m telling you, those things help you gain that unfair advantage over your enemies at any given time (sucks for them).


Note: Some gaming keyboard may not light up like the others, but even so… a gaming keyboard is A GAMING KEYBOARD.


Merc Stealth


Awesome item Number 2: Your gaming mouse

First if all, I think that the mouse is much more important than the keyboard. I’ve seen people smash their mouse claiming that something’s wrong. I’m not sure if that’s just another product of noob rage but hey, why not get a better one to avoid those mishaps right? Yep! The gaming mouse. It glows, it scrolls and is probably the most important part of any MMO’s control Meta. One thing you should know about computer mice (can I still use that?) is that not everyone shares the same grip. The best way to optimize your Gaming Zen and playstyle would be to find that particular mouse that fits your grip.


Note: if you think that you’re having problems with your grip then go get a new one. Gaming mice (there we go with that plural form again) aren’t that expensive so go and gain that unfair advantage.


Awesome item Number 1: The video card

One thing I hate more than a crappy mouse would be crappy graphics. Yeah, ever had a bunch of enemies slow your PC down? Sucks doesn’t it? I remember a time when we were leveling in the Cauldron (RF Online) when suddenly, some stupid noob accidentally lured the entire monster population towards us. Yeah the PC froze, I saw the Guild Master say “run!” but the PC was just too choppy for me to see where I was going. Don’t let this happen to you too. Always make sure your video card can take it. You don’t have to run the game at full specs, just make sure it doesn’t die on you when you need it the most.


Note: An effective way to kill this frameskipping madness would be to get a video card that can take the game’s max specs then setting it a bit lower to remove excess processing.


Gaming Video Card


Well, there you have it! Again, I’d like to tell you that I am in fact a nerd. Toodles!

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