Twitch Receives a New Look

Twitch Rebrand 2

Twitch, the leading service, and community in online multiplayer entertainment released a brand refresh today. Twitch has a color palette, logo, font, and overall community experience of the product. Below, we have a list of some of the new features that viewers and streamers can look forward to experiencing on their website.

This redesign began just over a year ago, with Twitch wanting to have a brand that matched the energy of their community, but it will, of course, keep the Purple. There is no Twitch without purple, after all. Viewers won’t have to worry though: Emotes are unchanged.

Twitch Rebrand Highlights:

Twitch Rebrand


  • Color Palette: A new brighter purple to match the vibrant energy of the community plus more than two dozen new colors named after iconic games/pop culture (Black Ops, Ice, DK, Pika Pika, etc.). The new palette will be seen across all of Twitch and the updated Dark Mode theme will allow Twitch to easily build additional accessibility features.

  • Twitch Logo and Font: Twitch is going bigger and friendlier (and less text-heavy). The new logo features a bold, block letterform, with deep extrusion inspired by the retro game esthetic. The new font, Roobert, is  Inspired by the retro Moog synthesizer which is now present across Twitch.

  • Video Player, Chat and Emotes: The Video player is now edge-to-edge so creators will be front and center with chat being cleaner and easier to use than ever. Emotes are totally unchanged but plan on seeing them even more!

  • Brand Campaign: Twitch will also begin to tease their first-ever brand campaign “You’re already one of us” which will feature a series of teaser videos from Eric Andre. The campaign which will launch in the weeks ahead is synonymous with Twitch’s vibrant and loud collage of internet aesthetics, emotes and memes that represent the community.

Twitch’s brand refresh launches ahead of TwitchCon 2019, taking place this weekend on Friday, September 27 – Sunday, September 29 at the San Diego convention center. TwitchCon attendees will find Twitch’s new branding on display throughout the convention.


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