Warrior Epic Review: Your Hall of Warriors

By Jeffrey Kerkdijk (Hyarume), OnRPG Journalist


Warrior Epic is a free to play Hack-and-Slash Multiplayer RPG. Even through the servers are capable of having thousands of players online, you will only play the game in teams of five players. The whole game feels old, there are no customizable characters, and there is one character for every class. You start the game with just a fighter and you can change this later in the game by unlocking the other classes. Everything is pre-customized and if you are a fighter and you see another fighter the chances are likely that you look exactly the same (the only thing you can customize is armor). The game isn’t about you as just one character, instead you get a hall. The hall can be filled with all the warriors you have unlocked and you can use them as you want. You can upgrade you’re warriors with a skill tree than you can click upon. You can also enhance you’re weapon with another fighter.


Crazy for Dungeons 

Warrior epic is all about dungeon crawling, and this takes place in randomized dungeons. They are fun for a while but the game isn’t exactly rewarding for the players. Sure, you get some gold and some items. But this is all you are going to do. Do mission and quests in randomized dungeons. Most of these dungeons don’t take longer than 15 minutes to complete, making Warrior Epic a great game for casual play.


Throughout the dungeons you have three lives. If you lose them and don’t have a healing sub class, you die. If you die three times, you lose all the XP gained during that run. There are no such things as health potions that drop off enemies. The health potions can only be brought in the cash shop. Ask yourself the question: do you really want to pay for health potions? I don’t.  If you die three times, you become a spirit. Now you can revive at your hall or at a sanctuary or you can give a team member a buff by enhancing their weapon. Warriors can also find monster spirits and they can be used to revive a fallen party member.

 Evil Dungeon Lord


The other aspect of the game is your hall. The hall can be customized and you can add new rooms and such. In the hall you can also strengthen your warriors. If you go into the war room, you can join up with other players and actually get to play the game. There are three modes to play, Campaign, Adventure and Player versus Player. Campaign is like adventure but told in a story. Player versus Player is currently in the process of being released. It is meant to be for everyone above level 10.


The Classes 

When you are making a group, it is going to be like the typical ‘healer, tank and DPS’ setup. There are a few unique classes and they are the Pangolin with the sub class option to be Shaman or Tamer. They aren’t human and they use elemental magic and if you get shaman as a sub class can put down totems as well, these totems are useful and can be used as a method of crowd control. The enemies will attack the totem as soon as you set them up. The tamer has the ability to call on creatures.


There is also a trapper class, which is a sub class of the assassin, which deals damage with firearms. Then there is the Archer with some unique aspects as well: they can become a warden, who can play music on the bowstrings for buffs or debuffs. The classes are pretty amazing. For the magic lovers you have the Illusionist class, with the spellbinder, and necromancer sub classes. The necromancers will have the option to call upon the dead and bring them back to life as minions. The spellbinder can manipulate the enemy by messing with his head. Last but not the least, there is the Devotress class. These sword and shield wielding sentinels are paladin-like who can fight melee and are good at some serious tanking, but can also heal right from the start.

 Warrior Epic


Some Remaining Bugs

There is a lot going on in Warrior Epic, but there are still a lot of bugs and flaws to it. The game is far from being stable and it isn’t wise to play it at this early stage. The visuals are decent, they aren’t in line with most other games but they do just fine. The music of the game isn’t half bad either. The gameplay of the game gets repetitive real quick. The dungeons are randomized but also fairly small and do get boring really fast.  The servers aren’t stable at the moment, the game suffers from severe latency lag to sudden disconnects at times. The XP rate is too slow, you will notice doing the same dungeon again and again just to be able to do the next one again and again. And the randomizing doesn’t add much to make it more interesting. If you do manage to get into a decent guild and get good groups going, the game can be a blast!!


In Conclusion 

I think one of the biggest concerns for the player is the the cash shop, which is going to sell health potions. And if you die three times you lose all of the XP you earned in that run. This can be fairly frustrating. Overall, Warrior Epic is a decent game. But there are still a lot of issues with this game. If you are a casual player and into dungeon crawling you might want to check out Warrior epic, but perhaps you should wait for a few patches and fixes before trying it out.


– Great Classes
– Action-ish Gameplay
– Great for casual play
– The Hall.

– 15 – 25 minutes and you are done with a dungeon
– Doing dungeons over and over (The XP rate)
– Customization
– Cash shopped Health potions.

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