World of Warships Update 0.8.4 Adds Soviet Battleships and More

Wargaming has released the latest update to World of Warships, 0.4.8, and with it comes the mighty Soviet Battleships! The new Kreml, Sovetsky Soyuz, Gangut and Knyaz Suvorov join the battleships that became available in Early Access last month and will be mighty armored warships, with powerful weapons. They are best used in close to medium range and are designed for more aggressive playstyles. These ships are leaders on the battlefield and will let their captains penetrate enemy lines, and dole out huge amounts of damage.

As part of the continuing “Victory” event, alongside these new battleships comes a special new Soviet Hero commander, Nikolai Kuznetsov, leader of the Soviet Navy during WWII and the 3rd
commander with unique abilities in the game, after Halsey and Yamamoto. He is unlocked via a temporary resource, Provision tokens. These tokens can also be exchanged for the popular Tier V premium ship, Murmansk, or new “In The Service of the Motherland containers. Besides regular rewards, containers will also contain elements of the new Soviet collection, which pays homage to Soviet naval architects, and their legacy as shipbuilders.

This update also adds the new “Greece” map for Tier IX and X battles. It was inspired by Santorini Island and features low islands, so ships can attack enemies lurking behind them. Update 0.8.4. will also feature a new season of Ranked Battles, where the teams will be composed of seven Tier X ships each and the battles will take place in the “Domination” and reworked “Epicenter”
modes, where the center and rings can now be captured separately. One of the key features of the new season is the return of aircraft carriers into Ranked Battles alongside with the introduction of free ship rentals, which will give more players the opportunity to participate.

Ports have also been updated and will have dynamic environments. With this, players can view traditional Ports in new colors, and day will succeed night in “night-time ports” Ports. Saint Petersburg will have a hazy mist, and the Ocean Port will have the sun rolling off into the horizon.

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