WYD Review: Weaving your own Destiny

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), Onrpg writer

With Your Destiny is a free MMORPG from Korean Company Joy Impact and is distributed by Hanbitsoft, which is famous for games such as Starcraft and other MMOs like Tantra Online. With Your Destiny or WYD is a game that is set in a world where there are two warring kingdoms that are vying for power, the kingdom of shield, Hekalotia and the kingdom of Spear, Akeronia.

Characters and Job Class

There are four job classes that are gender-locked in WYD: they are the Transknight which is your standard melee character, the Foema, which serves as your magicians, the Beast Master which can shape shift and even summon beasts that help them in their fights and the Hunter, which is your standard ranged class.

Whenever you level in WYD your character gets stat points that you have to divide between specific attributes that serve as your character’s overall stats. You also gain skill points that you can then put on your skills that your character uses in battle.

Each character job class has three different skill trees that you can spend your skill points on. Each skill has a special ability that you can only acquire on the skill you chose your character to master on.

Also, when you reach a certain high level in WYD you get to choose to take on another job class for your character. The choice isn’t restricted and your character retains the sprite of your first job class. For example, a character may look like a Foema, but it has Transknight skills and can wear armor.

Game Features

Unlike most MMOs where “bots” are prohibited, WYD has a Combat Controller (C.C) system that acts as an “auto-attack” system for your character. It has three modes that you can choose which are the Melee Control or M.C., the Spell Control or the S.C. and the Non-Combat mode.

Once you enter C.C. mode your character automatically attacks any monster within your attack range. The kind of attack depends on the kind of C.C. mode that is turned on. You just have to figure out which is more beneficial for your character.

WYD also has a mount system that is implemented in the game. The mounts, unlike most MMOs don’t only serve as eye-candy. They also help your character by boosting your stats. Another thing about the mounts is that they also die and can therefore be resurrected. The thing is that your mount can only be resurrected for a certain amount of time till you can’t use it anymore.

WYD mounts vary from the usual horse mounts to Dragons, Unicorns and Pigs even. You would need to nurture them first when they were babies and you can’t use them till they become mature enough. Also, you would need to feed your mounts with food or they’ll die eventually.

There’s also a faction system present in WYD, and being part of a faction gives you a cape representing your faction, certain features that are exclusive to a faction and also become part of guild/city siege wars.

The three factions you can choose from are the blue capes that are affiliated to the Kingdom of Hekalotia, the red capes which belong to the Akeronia or the white capes, which are basically players who chose not to belong to any kingdom.

The capes serve as your identification mark in WYD and that practically puts you on a side of the fight. Also, guilds are exclusively cape based. A blue cape can’t join a red cape and vice versa while the white capes can’t join either guilds because they don’t belong.

The other unique feature of WYD is that it has the Academy system. This system serves as both your way into getting into the game community and also boosts your level. The Academy is basically a guild that represents a country. However not all countries are represented by the Academies only those who have lots of players for that country.


With Your Destiny has been around for some time and it seems that it would only last as long as the game keeps players interested. However, with more games getting released everyday that beats With Your Destiny in practically everything, I would think that it’s only a matter of time before that interest practically disappears.

At first glance, With Your Destiny would seem that it’s a generic MMO. The first impression is that the game is an MU clone, with the surroundings and character sprites having that familiar feel. However, the feeling immediately dissipates as you continue on playing the game.

With Your Destiny is one of those games which is newbie friendly. Not only is the FAQ and the site help chock full of guides that help lessen the burden of trying to explain to newbies, furthermore there are lots of in-game features that makes the gameplay experience more convenient and fun.

WYD is a grind game in its core, with the PVP system and Academy as mere distractions from the daily grind and boredom. There is basically nothing you can do here in the game aside from leveling and getting those items that are worthy for sieges, PVPs and academy battles. Though it may be true that high levels and the job mix can add flavor to your whole gaming experience, it would only prolong the agony of realizing that you have played a game that’s too monotonous.

You can’t ignore though the novelty and the fun factor that sieges have especially if you have grown fond of the people who are part of your guild. As in most F2Ps, the only thing that keeps people playing a game is the bonds they share with other players. Thankfully, WYD’s Academy system has made sure you get that bond.

For gamers who are looking for a game that is more substantial, I suggest you search for a different game, but if you can stomach the first impression and persevere till you get someplace in the game, you might as well try out WYD.

– The C.C. System lessens the load of grinding by making it automated
– The Academy system helps you level up and get yourself acquainted to the game community
– The tournaments/siege and whatnot spice up your game experience and make you want to come back into the game
– You may even get to represent your country in guild battles

– Game graphics is outdated
– The camera view is stuck in a weird angle that sometimes it hinders your game
– If you don’t participate in PVPs then you don’t have anything else to do

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