Armored Warfare: Roughneck Map Trailer

Armored Warfare introduces its latest map, the Roughneck, set in the plains of Russia.
The upcoming Second Early Access Test will be two weeks long and will allow players to continue their progress from the first Early Access Test with play sessions as follows:
EU Server:
5pm – 9pm CEST on weekdays
4pm – 10pm CEST on weekends
NA Server:
7pm – 11pm EST on weekdays
6pm – midnight EST on weekends
Please note that these timeframes are not final and may be extended to up to 24 hours of testing at any point during the Early Access 2 phase.
The Second Early Access Test will include optimization and balance updates based on player feedback, as well as powerful Tier 7 vehicles and the new map, Roughneck. The full list of updates can be found here:

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