Blades of Time Announced for Nintendo Switch

Blades of Time is a time-warping hack ‘n’ slash from Gaijin Entertainment, makers of War Thunder. It will arrive on the Switch on May 14th, 2019. This edition is an upgrade over the PC version, and players will surely enjoy being able to take this title on the go. Blades of Time on the Switch will have a revamped multiplayer mode as well, where players can engage in MOBA combat, leading hordes of NPC monsters against armies of other players.

The story-driven single-player campaign sees the daring treasure huntress Ayumi set out on a journey to an ancient island to reach the hidden treasures of a long lost civilization. To fight her way through hordes of monsters and other creatures of magic, the heroine can perform more than 40 unique attacks, utilizing powerful melee combos, firearms, powerful magic and even rewinding time. Ayumi can use a time-rewind power, to create incredible, varied strategies to each battle. After the time rewind, Ayumi’s shadow will repeat the last actions of the player, from fighting monsters to luring them away. While that’s going on, Ayumi can head back into battle, completing changing her situation.


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