Dual Universe PvP Trailer: We Shall Fight

Dual Universe’s innovative ship-vs-ship battles is unveiled in this brand new teaser trailer:

  • LARGE-SCALE BATTLES: space battles in Dual Universe range in scale from simple skirmishes to massive fleet battles featuring ships of all sizes.
  • PLAYER-BUILT SHIPS: all ships and constructs in the game are entirely created by players, using the game’s unique voxel engine. Battles are not only influenced by the design of your ship, but also how you build your armada and plan accordingly.
  • LOCK-AND-FIRE: the game uses a lock-and-fire mechanism where ships have to be identified and locked on before they can be shot at, which encourages tactical coordination on the battlefield.
  • BATTLESHIP CREWS: larger ships can be manned by crews of players with dedicated roles such as pilot, gunner, repairman, or ammo refueler. Players must synchronize their actions and work together for optimal battle efficiency.
  • REAL-TIME DAMAGE: since the ships are made of voxels, visual damage appears in real-time when they are hit. The damage that you and your enemies’ ships take relies on the types of materials used in the construction of each ship, as well as the damage type of the weapons used.

This trailer features work-in-progress Alpha footage* edited in a short format. Some features are still under development and will only be fully available in the Beta phase of the game.

*The last shot with the character in space is computer-generated and not in-game.

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