Endless Space 2 Begins Pre-Orders for ‘Awakening’ Expansion

Amplitude Studios revealed the next exciting expansion for Endless Space 2: Awakening, and have begun taking pre-orders. A once vast galactic empire has fallen into decline, and it’s up to you to restore it to its former glory. The next expansion for Endless Space 2 will feature a new faction, the Nakalim. This technologically advanced society’s mission is to acquire powerful relics and reconquer ancient territories.

They have a heavily defended exploration fleet, an affinity for Influence, and a special relationship with the Academy. They can also negotiate with the galaxy’s most famous heretic, Isyander, if you’re bold enough. The expansion can be pre-ordered for 12.99 on Steam, and it will release on September 12th, 2019.

Features of “Awakening”:

  • Nakalim – This new major faction has a large technology headstart, but with weaker science, depends on discovering lost Relics to learn new technologies. Their relationship with the Academy allows them to gain control over other systems through the Influence of their temples.
    • Four new Heroes – The Nakalim are explorers, warriors, and believers. Use these heroes to master exploration and for developing systems and diplomatic influence.
    • New fleet – Re-discover and take control of your ancient territories with heavily defended exploration-oriented fleets.
  • Minor Faction – Xirmisala – Dust-sensitive philosophers whose skills were defined by the community via a Games2Gether vote.
  • Academy empire – If you had one question for Isyander, what would it be? Finally, the Academy becomes an empire with the ability to manage star systems, fleets, & colonize new worlds. Contribute to their expansion, and you will be duly rewarded with special Academy roles that will give you special powers & bonuses, as well as access to the Academy’s own fleet of impressive ships.

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