Endless Space 2 Drops Two Surprise Content Packs

Two new content packs have dropped for Endless Space 2, and with them comes a week-long sale. To celebrate these, Endless Space 2 is 50% off from March 12th through March 19th. Untold Tales is the first content update, bringing with it 25 new quests, 4 new minor factions, and 4 new heroes! No matter what you’re after, Untold Tales has you covered, even as far as to offer the galactic Jellyfish, Ooblart. Lost Symphony brings with it 7 new musical tracks to cruise the stars to, as well as the Harmony Minor Faction, the famed conscious crystals from the original Endless SpaceYou can check out these tracks at the following link and both of these updates will be 10% off through March 19th.

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